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  1. [Pike] 2vsX @Danelon Passage

    [Pike] V Viserion V & Cc Panik Cc 2vsX (19+) @Danelon Passage Enjoy
  2. Dîes Irae [Diæ] Roaming!

    First video of Dîes Iræ [Diæ], a new roaming guild on Piken Square! Big and Strong <3 Hope you enjoy this video Thanks to Draven for this fantastic video!
  3. [FURY] Furious Cookies

    Good luck FURY!
  4. [Etnl] Eternal Shadow Nexus

    Welcome guys!
  5. Game Warriors [WAR]

    Welcome on Piken Square mate!
  6. standard of war [SoX]

    Yeeeeeee WELCOME ! Hope you ll be fine on Piken Square.
  7. WvW guild transfered to Piken Sassari [RaW]

    Welcome guys!
  8. Keep Calm and Eat Cake [Cake]

    Good! Welcome on Piken Square! Hope you'll be fine here
  9. Anguîsh [Ash]

    Welcome!! We have the best community on gw2 i hope you will be fine here.
  10. [DM] Domisium

    Welcome DM!