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  1. Hello all, After a bit of re-settling, Canidae is pleased to announce our doors are open again for particular recruitees: Off-peak WVW presence. Running up to date builds for havoc, and making sure you have a "zerg-ready" build for supporting open tags. Pleasant personality and tolerance for diversity. Willing to jump on TS during guild runs and be a part of the pack! New players to WVW welcome, we'll take you under wing and teach you what we know! Cross-repping ok if you have a prime time guild to hang with also. What you can expect: A friendly guild who like to make a bit of an impact off-peak for the server. Guild Missions each week (usually Thursday around lunchtime) Open tag early morning on weekends possibly led by Orval. Several Guild Havoc sessions lunchtime early afternoons during the week and Sundays. Discord server for out of game communication and build sheets/advice, maintained currently by Pope, our resident theory crafter. If you think you might be a good fit for our guild, please contact me by PM here or ingame via Terrier.8732 Cheers, Doas
  2. FTW is no longer recruiting.
  3. Canidae [FTW] has opened recruiting again. Specifically looking for people who'd like to become part of a committed WvW guild raid team. Guido will be continuing to lead raids in Prime time. Professions we are looking for primarily: Firebrand, Spellbreaker, Scourge Other professions considered depending on what they bring to group composition. Please apply at: Your application will be reviewed by Guild Leaders (Doas, Vesrys, Guido) within a couple of days at most (usually 24 hours) and we will contact you in-game from there. Looking forward to growing our pack of hungry... Wolves, Dogs, Jackals... and I guess a few Hyenas
  4. Hi again, we are still looking for people to join our ranks! Our goal is to form a core, co-ordinated wvw raid group, so we can get out there and be more effective! Don't be shy
  5. Canidae [FTW] is howling for new blood! After our recent guild rebranding, the guild is being restructured to form a more imposing presence on Piken, while still maintaining our hallmark of gaming fun. We are looking for people to add to our guild who fit the following criteria: ยท Willing to attend 1-2 set raids per week. These will be both Prime time and off-peak (around midday), and can be either closed guild raids or core group of open tag. ยท Willing to run builds that the guild prescribes. ยท Willing to learn and improve your play. ยท Willing to use TS3 for all guild activities. We are looking for professions that are essential for good raid composition: Guardians Warriors (Berserker) Necros (Reaper) Elementalists (Tempest) Revenants (Herald) ..... and a specialist Chrono/Scrapper or 2 Overall all, we are looking for people who fit the above criteria and also have a good sense of team spirit and loyalty to the group goals. There is also scope to form specialist roaming parties and opportunity to attend a PVE raid at other times. Induction into Guild will follow a 2-step process. Step 1 will be a trial period until criteria met for guild requirements. Step 2 is full membership based on attitude, commitment and decent performance. Interested in joining the pack? We look forward to hearing from you. Please use the Application form found at: Cheers, Doas & Vesrys

    A Welcome to new WvW'ers from Stomp for Piken Leadership team! Stomp for Piken is our official community guild and is often used for a "Call to Arms". The guild provides a wide range of resources to the WvW server team, including all the stuff that comes with a fully upgraded guild hall (buffs, synthesizers etc.) We also provide a hefty amount of siege for our commanders, and structural upgrades to help with defense of our server in matchups. Donations of siege, flax fibres (and even gold) are always welcome to ensure we can continue to provide a good service to the server. Our active leadership team is: Doas (terrier.8732) Vidyia (Linwe.8730) Mokarica (Mocambo.8462) Hotcatz (hotcatz.6834) Please feel free to contact any of us ingame for invite to guild. Enjoy your WvW adventure on Piken Square! Cheers, Doas.
  7. The Piken Line

    Super funny.. was laughing so hard watching this.. gg!
  8. If Apple made a car, would it have windows?

  9. [PIKE] Roster 1080p 60fps

    Love these vids
  10. Piken RP Tribute

    hahahahahahahahaaaaa... love it
  11. Everyone wants to be more Dogg hahaha.. love this Omega!
  12. Canidae [FTW]

    Canidae [FTW] get involved in a variety of WvW play with a main focus on guild raids and guild activities, in a mature, supportive and socially comfortable setting. The approach of the guild is one of co-operation and inclusiveness. Guild members are involved members who take pride in participation, and whose input is welcomed and valued. This guild continues to have a steady and committed presence on Piken, with some havoc and off-peak activities also. A place to work within a team, revise your builds and improve your play. Structure: "Top Doge" - Guild leader. "Akitas" - Commanders/group leaders willing to tag and lead the group of whoever is on. These can be havoc or larger groups as befits the number of people online and the capacity of the commander. "Best In Show" - Profession leads/advisors. "Wolf" Officers - to help organise things. "Doge" - basic member rank "Puppy" - New trial member rank Guild Hall: Lost Precipice - Level 69 (fully upgraded) We are always looking for: We are looking for people who enjoy teamplay in WvW activities. We want players who really like WvW Guild Raids and activities, and want to do mostly that! We want people who are willing to commit to having a nice place to hang out. We want people who are team players, attend our guild events, and like to do stuff with others. New or veteran players welcome, however it is expected you will be running a server or guild build and have a commitment to better play. 100% rep rule, when you are doing things with the guild. TS3 essential. 18+ mature-minded people with manners Message our guild leader Doas (Terrier.8732) in game to find out more! Or simply fill out our application form (click on Apply button) and we will be in touch.
  13. Alpine Garrison Treb Salute

    I'll be coming home to a whole new world! Nice to see you guys paid tribute to the original stomping ground
  14. What do you do in WvW - (Just banter)

    Mittens, you are very funny!
  15. [Etnl] Eternal Shadow Nexus

    Welcome to Piken nice to see our off-prime time getting some attention \o/