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  1. Great Winter [Ice]

    Welcome back to piken
  2. Fixing Piken <3

    In a way, it would help keeping the server open for longer. The reduction of playtime & ranks gained would be marginally small I believe, as I dont think people will stop playing, but just do other stuff in wvw. It would however just make piken less attractive to move to/stay on to bandwagoners who simply are in it of the easy wins & lootbags.
  3. Fixing Piken <3

    To come back to one of my first posts in this thread, I have been working on a sheet for builds. So far I have got most of the layout fixed (excluding a few minor things & the ¨front page¨ so to speak). I do lack a lot of the info concerning builds & how to play them, so if there could be anything in place either way on the forum or on discord where we can discuss what builds we want to use as a piken main build, and come to a concensus of what a budget option for said build is, that would be great. Any other forms of feedback/hint/info that can be added, please feel free to send that to me here in a PM or on discord: stefan#6598 The link to get there is: Here (unfortunatly pikenbuilds was occupied already, so I will have to come up with something proper when its ready to be launched if the green light has been given by you all)
  4. Fixing Piken <3

    What dogg wrote is something i can get behind quite easily. I like my variation, so being able to do several things in wvw is great. Just to explain my earlier post a bit better in case I didnt do so properly before, when i wrote that we probably should focus less on ppt the coming weeks, it was ment that it was only a temporarily measurement to give us some breathingroom as a server to get our sh*t back together. Im all for trying to cap & hold objectives, but I personally feel that for maybe a few weeks (say 2-3 weeks? idk, just a random number) trying to stay in t3 would be a good thing.
  5. Fixing Piken <3

    If I can TL;DR it all to summarize a few things people agree on: 1: Dropping down to t3. This means that if someone commands & if there is a guild group running around, that there shouldnt be a focus on ppting. I think this is fairly doable if we focus when rolling around to do more fun objectives rather than efficient ones? (or however you want to say it) without harming our enjoyment in wvw so to speak. 2: Leading by example, in other words, aside from making a sheet with specific build info & guides on how to play said class + how to get the gear cheaply, trying to expand guilds, and said guilds will be the ¨core strength ¨ of a zerg (see Skarrsi's post). 3. when it comes to the builds, I guess there is a general consensus that there is a need of a proper sheet for it, that is piken trademarked so to speak. If nobody is available in making the sheet itself, I could make a draft, but I by far am not capable of filling in all the required info, so I want to propose that you can contact me either way here, in game (sstefanovv.5269) or on discord (stefan#6598) if you want to help out with getting a sheet in order? Alternatively, making a discord channel in the PS community server to discuss the things could work?
  6. Fixing Piken <3

    Gathering those who do want to put in a collective effort together, either way on a separate guild, or simply a separate discord server, and work with eachother who do want to do the effort to improve, and hoping it snowballs into more serious people joining the server. Would be a long shot, and takes time to put together, but ¨uniting the front¨ so to speak would be a good start.
  7. Fixing Piken <3

    I think the start would be to identify where the problem lies. In my personal opinion, that would be (partially) that Piken has a lot of people who just do not follow a tag, who refuse to follow it, and/or who refuse to adopt to whatever is the latest meta. Plus what Yannis wrote, trying to get commanders/guilds in the server would be very usefull as well. The first half, Honestly cant really be fixed. Aside from swapping borders when possible, there is no way to make people leave a map in favor of those in queue who want to join the tag. The 2nd half, ensuring that Piken has up to date builds for hte 4? prefered classes in a blob would be great. How I would see it as optimal would be 2 builds per option, namely the optimal one and a budget version. I know that a budget version is always a lesser option, but a lot of casual players just simply dont have the resources to go all out for a build, or simply refuse to do so. Therefore a somewhat cheap build that they can run with and still be effective would be a great boon to get people to run decent builds. The layout of these builds could be better done in a google sheet document, rather than on a forum post. Forum posts imo are hard to read. A google sheet document (somewhat in the style of the EZ guild builds) would be good to have, so you can send links easily, get your explanations & links neatly in order, etc. Moreover, trying to get pugs into a wvw guild where they can improve themselves with help would be usefull too. But getting them into a guild is difficult so not sure what else can be done about that aside from simply sending a recruit message in map chat from time to time? I recon there are plenty of other things that can be fixed, but everything will take patience & effort. Piken needs time to rebuild now, and that is best to do in a lower tier. So perhaps we could slow down on the ppt to make sure we dont get into t1/t2 matchups for some weeks?