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  1. Poke the Thieves

    Nice vid Roviaf thumbs up!
  2. Goodbye everyone <3

    Wish you a nice time at AG Nibbler and if you wanne come Home (back) your always welcome! chimpz!
  3. Leaving Piken

    I will miss you Curse thanks for all you did for Piken and all the hours fun. I wish where ever you go you will enjoy the game! Take care m8! Chimpz!
  4. I hope recruting was succesful I wish all FTW members fun and pleasure at the Battlefield!!
  5. Monkeys rock and always did!
  6. Good luck recruiting friends o/
  7. I left you a list of my characters in my page so you can keep up xD.

    1. Chimpz


      Rofl Vamos a rock and roll xD

    2. Chill


      In spanish this might sound wierd but we traditionaly say "rockanrolear" .. we're wierd shut up :p

    3. Chimpz
  8. the video I see a reasonalbe ammount of players. Is there any thing different for this to work with a smaller group? Like you have for example a roaming group like 2 with range and 2 with melee? I think you would get more or less the same principle. Chimpz!