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  1. Goodbye everyone <3

    Wish you a nice time at AG Nibbler and if you wanne come Home (back) your always welcome! chimpz!
  2. Leaving Piken

    I will miss you Curse thanks for all you did for Piken and all the hours fun. I wish where ever you go you will enjoy the game! Take care m8! Chimpz!
  3. 3rd tier keep - How to save

    I forgot a few things to mention 1. If a keep is least take for its flipped full supply upload. Its handy for the recap or for defending the next object. 2. For Towers....often a bigger group of enemies breaks a wall and you as defenders have then 2 ways to get in the tower! Dont close outer if the big group of enemies is allready inside. Cause specially with scourge....they focus at the one and only entrance then. A deadly choke point. Often the tower is then lost. If you wanne use just outside the gate an sup arrow cart or wait till enough ppl ..doing in one by one also is deadly (in general and for bigger groups specially).
  4. 3rd tier keep - How to save

    Good Questions Bina ^__^ The answer isnt so black&white always, it also depends on how many enemies atttack in proportion to how many defenders you got *And how experienced the defenders are* First some base things! 1. Use superior sieges! Not normal sieges! Always at least inform the map. If there are many enemies inform also automatically Team chat! Tell/share the number of enemies...what they do..Their numbers and what kind of sieges they deploy, Also share Wich side of a T3 keep they attack and if its gate or wall. Then look around if there are sieges allready you can use to destroy/attack their sieges. If the enemy group uses shields. Try to find a mortir at the wall or a treb at a further location to take out the shields. If possible use a canon if they are there..but those will be aimed at by the enemy right away. so in general only works if u are scouting at the T3 keep wall and see the enemy coming. the best Distance sieges to take out enemy sieges are..Trebs, ballistas, mortir and canon. Superior arrow carts have less range, place them (if not placed) at back side wall and as far from the enemy sieges as possible cause they will use eles with meteor showers etc to take them down. So never to close to the front of a wall or to the edge at like for example the Watergate outer at Garri! Tip: Buy siege disablers! You buy them at the trickster at the spawn. They use up ten supplies and the enemy will try to block and kill u so you can not use them, You throw them on close range on their sieges (you see a green circle) and their sieges is put to Off mode for a short time! This can save so much time! So a siege disabler is a must for any defender at WvW. Second! The Outer wall is not so important as the Inner wall!!! So, if you use up all sups to repair outer at inner you can no longer defend well! Often that is the aim and strategy of an enemy blob at Garri. Take camps non stop...breach outer Garri...ppl repair....and sooner or later all supps are gone and they attack inner and you cant do shit unless there is allready heaps of well placed and superior sieges! I have blocked many attacks at Garri with the simple strategy...Put trebs at roof top garri at right spot! When enemy is at outer i keep firing cows over the outer that steal all their sups...So when outer breaks they cant build at inner any sieges. Then an Attack usually fails! So, its a good thing to fire cows over Outer wall to is when you scout at wall and see them coming, Cause normally you hear from the scouts or u see from their attacking possitions at map where they go next. So when possible fire cows over wall to steal all their supplies! Golden rule: Supplies are The life blood of Tier 3 Keeps! There camps and dollies come in. Other rule is: Control of the map starts at the north NC and Garri! From there out you build on on reset. The spots you have to been shown by a Sieger! When iam there I will show you also ^__^ Try to make it so a treb can hit 2 gates when possible or like at roof can hit special spots enemies cant do shit against! Superior arrow carts at back of wall and or out of line of eles. At first floor a treb is needed for front inner gate to hit shields, they protect their rams with it. Also a treb at first floor hits omegas and can steal supply. If you see there is no one experienced at a certain you notice that? Cause none is using sieges!!! Tell them to use the sieges there are for hand, or use mortir. Outer should not be repaired at all cost normally you want some supply like 300 a 500 fo inner defense. And you can better use sieges then just repair cause thats a waste of time. Shields at the inside of walls are besides protecting gates useless!!!! Treb or cats have splash dmg in front of a wall and behind a wall the shield will not protect them from that!!! Take garri for inner west where canon is you can build acs that shoot over the outer wall and normally they cant hit that unless they got a ballista Same for shield can project in front of wall then! Often arrowcarts (acs) at supply roofs can shoot over most walls but enemy cant hit them so easely. Superior shield at inner garri can protect two gates, north inner and south inner. So smart placing means less sieges needed or more efficient use of them! Gates can have best superior trebs behind them to defend them..not cats!!! Outer water gate Garri has a canon, enemy will aim for it thats why i often build a shield for it. so ppl can protect the canon and canon can shoot all enemy sieges to pieces. So if enemy goes there always first go canon or if someone beat u...use shield for the canon so it can do its job! When ppl take to much sups from garri..specially when all is ok and no threat..Tell them to stop it round 600 sups and repeat in between 500 and 600. You dont want Garri to get under that supply level cause it must be able to defend it self. Ewp! Well it depends bit on the threat, their numbers. But when Outer breaks you can tell at Team chat you go pull the ewp in ten secs! So u can repeat you are pulling and so ppl notice cause if no one notice ewp is a fail also. Sharing info with team chat and talk to commanders will also help you What to do and when to pull Ewp! Important lesson for all newbees and all! We are All eachothers Eyes on the map. If ppl dont share info in a way we keep All blind. A good scout shares info. Where, numbers, what direction or wich and how many siege they deploy etc! Thats it for now in a nuttshell ^___^ the most Chimpportant things! I am sure ppl will tell you more! And you will ask more! Always ask Great you started this topic Bina! Chimpz!
  5. I hope recruting was succesful I wish all FTW members fun and pleasure at the Battlefield!!
  6. Monkeys rock and always did!
  7. Good luck recruiting friends o/
  8. I left you a list of my characters in my page so you can keep up xD.

    1. Chimpz


      Rofl Vamos a rock and roll xD

    2. Chill


      In spanish this might sound wierd but we traditionaly say "rockanrolear" .. we're wierd shut up :p

    3. Chimpz
  9. the video I see a reasonalbe ammount of players. Is there any thing different for this to work with a smaller group? Like you have for example a roaming group like 2 with range and 2 with melee? I think you would get more or less the same principle. Chimpz!