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  1. What is your Guild up to?

    Yes, there are still new ppl streaming in to wvw at night. But the pugs dont know how to use sieges, the sieges spots. Or their potential. Nor do most ppl realize that u can only defend coordinated. Example: Take Eb keep at the match we have right now! Inner can be defended by trebs frol jerri, mortar or trebs from Aldon. But Jerri for sure for its clear view on inner gate! The roof of Eb keep needs like 2 acs always handy for gate and lord defense! Turn mortars at walls to inner if a blob enters and breaks outer. Ofc thats all not always possible. Often with 2 or 3 ppl in a party u can instantly build a ballista and shoot sneaky...gens away! Steal with trebs from jerri a lot of supply away with cows so enemy cant build. etc etc Universal ppl defend automatically very frontal...but take alpine bl often can from behind at other side of water aim with ballistas at the rams or gens at gate. So try sometimes a creative approach! Siege disablers are holy and so handy! As last....what almost always is forgotten at a fight....When there are enough sups....Is to buy repairing walls or gates of the inner of any Keep (as long as the enemy is not yet at lord ofc), so ppl with sieges can take out enemy sieges. When a blob enters lord and inner is broken and caps a keep....that supply is lost anyway!!! And when possible (not always is) put acs (when there is still enough sups) outside of a gate that aims at lord. Like at inner Alpine Bay! That helps loads! As a sneaky cat for fast recap or have some omegas with 2 mesmers for porting for fast flipping back stuff. Well there is more..but the pugs need to be learned these basic defending things And dont close at towers wall when blob is in cause then they choke the entrance ^^ At Eb keep thats now also bad.....enemy will choke then entrance with scourges. The 2 ppl at roof using acs when Eb wall breaks are even harder to be reached by enemies if the wall is down. So dont create choke points....lots of pugs close auto always all walls. Such knowledge is now at night totally disappearing!!

    Welcome All saw you several times running! Nice!! Kick some Ass!
  3. Killing babies

    Lol Pope xD
  4. I am a bandwagoner wew

    Will miss you Rooney ^__^/ Have fun at Ros m8 kick all enemies ass!!
  5. Piken holiday population and beyond

    What a wise person you are ^__^/ I think the ppl that stay at Piken seek more then just diciplined and max efficiency fights, but also like comminity and friendships. Also if i hear from friends all over the servers, no where they refresh sieges really much or have awsome scout groups working as a united network, like in the old days. The game is just older and entered a more polarized and bit shallow stage, for some groups that focus on fights, more specialized, but still shallow and one sided. Dont expect to much, bounce back and do what you do with joy
  6. Poke the Thieves

    Nice vid Roviaf thumbs up!
  7. I hope recruting was succesful I wish all FTW members fun and pleasure at the Battlefield!!
  8. Monkeys rock and always did!
  9. Good luck recruiting friends o/
  10. I left you a list of my characters in my page so you can keep up xD.

    1. Chimpz


      Rofl Vamos a rock and roll xD

    2. Chill


      In spanish this might sound wierd but we traditionaly say "rockanrolear" .. we're wierd shut up :p

    3. Chimpz
  11. the video I see a reasonalbe ammount of players. Is there any thing different for this to work with a smaller group? Like you have for example a roaming group like 2 with range and 2 with melee? I think you would get more or less the same principle. Chimpz!