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  1. Piken

    Piken is ranger/thief heaven
  2. Pin You Up!

    Wow Chrisie characters all so awesome Rose I love all your pics (except Axel ) I'd like one with my kids! Any chance you can do it? Big request I know
  3. Pin You Up!

    Rose you are awesome but that pic of axel...I'm gonna have nightmares for months
  4. Better builds for piken!

    As far as I know those are starter build, but I wouldn't encourage people to personalize them too much or they will lose their efficiency. A specific mix of class is what we should aim to. If there's a party composition that is particulary good, commander is supposed to ask people to relog on lacking class if they have. If the squad has not enough sustain/condi cleanse/dps or whatever, a "good" commander should ask people to run this or that skill/trait/stats. I would also suggest to use dps meter as a personal instrument to improve. It helps you understand what you are doing right/wrong whether it is damage or heal/boon or whatever is your class required to provide to the squad. If you use it the "right" way, it shows your class potential. As a weaver, I look at damage and when I see people do way more damage than me I try to whisp for tips and keep an eye on them (how they position, what they run, etc..) Same may be for any other classes. Always look who's doing better and try to reach them. If you are on top, don't blame who's below but try to understand why they are not doing good and help them do better.