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  1. Ordo Ab [Chao]

  2. [Chao] Reset Defence

    Poot with laidback defence and tiering up of home bl
  3. Other guild being serious about their fights, here are we derping around dying of completly different reasons
  4. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    We always look for a new friendly face to join us! We're friendly, chilled and don't mind teaching you the ways of WvW, we have much knowledge to go around. Ofc WvW veterans are very welcome and would love to see ya join us We raid WvW officially two days: Monday + Thursday at 18.45 UK time - mandatory if in game at raid time. We appear at reset for defense and do some spontaneous havoc groups. ^There is also weekly PvE raids, fractals, missions and other events We have different in-house training programs for WvW and PvE. All classes are welcome Our focus is on enjoying the game and spreading some good vibes, join us :D Check out our guild forum for more info about rules, schedules, etc. Contact: Kaylee -Shizuma.8179 (Leader) Poot - drhpooner.9024 (leader) Krall - lordkrall.7241 (Recruitment officer) Our guild listing on piken guild section
  5. merciful intervention <3

    Just wanna share another reason why i like this game, and how it can be fun and needed to play support yes im not the best player, so no need to dive into that. enjoy the video if you do and ignore it if you dont.
  6. Canidae [FTW] - re-opening the Kennel

    Yes! this is good news! happy to hear :D
  7. [Chao] Ordo Ab

    Value loyalty and teamwork? Had enough of the chaos of competitive play? Join Ordo Ab [Chao] We'll put it into order We're a very friendly guild focusing on positive teamwork and aim to keep it that way. Requirements: * 18+ * Located on piken or linked server ( swap server with re-link or leave guild) * Be friendly and respectful Info * Not every guild that exist will fit you, have a look if we're the guild for you. * We welcome all classes * We raid in WvW officially 2 times a week if you're online = join the raid. ^also does reset defense + spontaneous raids. * We have people online around the whole day. * We're used to and happy to teach new/returning WvW players. Kaylee -Shizuma.8179 (Leader) Poot - drhpooner.9024 (leader) Krall - lordkrall.7241 (Recruitment officer) More info can be found on our guild forum Promo video