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  1. Better builds for piken!

    I started with the Ez build for FB and have been changing and adapting it over the last couple of weeks - it's a great starting place, and it helps the comm know roughly what they're working with, though I would also recommend some adaptation for a public group as these builds are optimised for a specific mix of classes and numbers (i.e. a guild group), and won't suit everyone. My final build is likely to be a little more tanky/selfish as I want it for tagging. I was planning to start a thread just for FB once I got a bit closer to something I'm happy with to get discussion going, perhaps we should have one for every class? Currently I've taken off some minstrels and replaced with nomads trinkets, for more healing power and vitality. My boons are getting corrupted and stripped long before running out, so I don't see the benefit of maxing boon duration atm. In addition, against the vabbi group, boons are a liability as their boon corruption is unreal - if I get get caught in that with all my boons up I melt before I can hit Contemplation of Purity (or worse, it's in CD). Condi cleanse/reapplication of boons feels as important, if not moreso, than duration. The Ez build also doesn't seem to want quickness - which I love; you can trait FB to have it trigger on healing, swapping in and out of tomes, granting stab and aegis, and while it's running it adds +250 to toughness, HP and condi. The uptime is nuts. I highly recommend trying Mantra of Liberation, I never thought I'd let go of renewed focus, but it's pretty awesome and makes stab rotations (combined with f3 and SYG) irrelevant. I'm still undecided over the heal, and on weapons, which aren't as relevant with FB imo. There's also likely to be a few more changes incoming as Anet 'balances' (nerfs), so I wouldn't recommend anyone break the bank just yet for any build. PoF has been a much bigger change than HoT was for me, I would love to get some discussion going with anyone who is also similarly trying different things (and I don't mean copy pasting builds from others :p), so please do feel free to poke me and share what you're learning. Thanks for posting mask, good call ps. Your actual point! On sharing to pugs - I think commanders can do a lot of pointing people in the right direction while leading. I also get /w about my build when/if people see I'm the last person standing, or I'm stuck to tag like glue or I'm generally playing well, so don't underestimate leading by example.