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  1. Better builds for piken!

    Hi all, I want to add for Exotic gear you can get stat selectable (including owned expansion prefixes) armor chests from the following WvW reward tracks: Legacy Armor Triumphant Armor Crystal Desert This can be used as a quick fix solution for decent amour prior to getting full ascended.
  2. please remove

    Thanks Mask it's nice back to fully active from our break
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    please remove
  4. [EXE] Organised WvW guild recruiting (Piken Square, EU)

    Update, elementalist spot also closed We have opened recruitment to fill spots for the professions below. Talking using teamspeak, ability to attend most raid nights(Monday, Thursday and Saturday 19:00 GMT) and adapting build for raiding required. 3 zerker necromancers. executed.enjin.com/recruitment
  5. [EXE] Organised WvW guild recruiting (Piken Square, EU)

    Update, warrior spots are now closed. Looking for the last rotation elementalist and 3 zerker necros then re-closing recruitment. Why not see what the fuss is about and join Pikens longest serving WvW guild.
  6. [EXE] Organised WvW guild recruiting (Piken Square, EU)

    We have opened recruitment to fill spots for the professions below. Talking using teamspeak, ability to attend most raid nights(monday, thursday and saturday 19:00 gmt) and adapting build for raiding required. 3 hammer warriors. 3 zerker necromancers. 1 rotation elementalist. executed.enjin.com/recruitment
  7. [EXE] Organised WvW guild recruiting (Piken Square, EU)

    We have now closed recruitment for 2 reasons: 1)We want to allow time for our newer players to be geared and trained to face the harse conditions of WvW raiding. 2)We want to allow time for all new guilds who have just joined piken to recruit from the pool of awesome players that have not got a home community yet. However if you are determined to join us, EXE will always consider applicants that have passion for WvW, zeal to improve and want to get involved with our community.
  8. [EXE] Organised WvW guild recruiting (Piken Square, EU)

    Bumping thread same still applies as last post
  9. [EXE] Organised WvW guild recruiting (Piken Square, EU)

    EXE took a break last week for Eurogamer but are back at full force we are leaving recruitment open to all classes and play styles for the moment. We are a multi-game guild that has been established since Warhammer online and are one of the longest running WvW guilds on Piken. like stated above being on Teamspeak for raids is a must (talking preferred and encouraged) We are a guild that will suit players who like organised WvW raiding and are actually happy to learn how to play as a team but like to also be apart of a community and treated with respect. we also accept players that are unable to commit to 5+ raids a week or have very random play-times as we have active players ready to party up at all sorts of hours. If you feel you can be active but your new don't worry power leveling newer players, getting players geared, guard stacks and helping explain tactics is what we do. Warning If you are looking for a guild that will just want you as a number never on teamspeak but following a commander tag we are not the guild for you. We have an active community that are not just partying up for raid nights, but generally enjoy playing together. We party up on off nights in WvW, completing dungeons, farming money, roaming in groups which some of our members stream and also use guild chat for some very random conversations. builds are not forced on our members however we have set raid builds for the less adventurous players. If you are looking for a community that love to have banter, take on larger enemies and have a need of every individual member to dominate in fights than apply executed.enjin.com/recruitment
  10. Recruitment is open to all players that think that they can fit into our drama free community; apply at executed.enjin.com/recruitment We have set mentors for each class for newer players so from raid to raid your improvement will happen. However you will need the desire to improve, be able to take criticism, be able to listen to our guild after the 9pm watershed and not cheap out of using viable gear, food and maintenance for your class. Wanted from applicants is simply activity, representation as main guild and commitment to attending Official raid events whilst using Team speak when you are online at raid time. Raid schedule (GMT +1) Monday Official raid night 19:00-22:00 Thursday Official raid night 19:00-22:00 Friday Reset Unofficial raid/roam event Saturday Official raid night 19:00-22:00 Sunday Guild missions 19:00-20:00 Tuesday and Wednesday are off-nights where you can complete your living story meta, farm dungeons and make money however we still have players partying up in WvW you are welcome to join Just adding we are also looking for the specific classes below for our Official raid nights, however players of all classes are welcome to apply The class types below for our main raid group (Aim: to stick to the commander and placing buffs and damage on their position) 2 power necromancers. 2 shout heal warriors. 3 Staff Elementalist The class types below for our focus group (Aim: to play off the raid leader and attack a marked single target together) 1 power shatter mesmer 2 dagger/dagger elementalists If you are looking to play in the focus group make a comment in your application. If you are looking to attend a trial raid before wearing our legendary [EXE] guild tag then PM me (Emperor Redmist / MR REDMIST.3642) in game. For clarification we are not currently interested in GvG's, we focus on open field scriming against other guilds of a similar size and we don't back away from fights until our raid leaders have fallen or give the order.