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  1. I am a bandwagoner wew

    Yo Rooney, why no HvoC shout out? see u around man enjoy ros. Much love Mask
  2. Pin You Up!

    Nilin you a THICC bitch
  3. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I Agree, ppl don't seem to realize that we do much better with more Revs. More boons going around plus the best targeted grouped dmg with the ability to spam dat hammer 2 over and over. they get a blast/knockdown. Even 4 spellbreakers seems overkill cause most fights are over before you can use all 4, but thats alright cause the boon rip isn't too bad even with the nerfs, and ppl often use them incorrectly so i suppose it might be good to have one or 2 extra.
  4. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    100% read chart wrong idk what my problem is
  5. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Pants is hot water trash.
  6. Goodbye everyone <3

    Good luck man, see you on the battlefield! Much love Mask
  7. HvoC-Confusion and Disorder.

    HvoC is back, the world is spiraling into chaos. We are back to give it that last little push into the abyss. Same as before looking to teach and excel in roaming, ganking and small team play! Repping rules are lax we only require during raids and GMissions any thing else is a plus. We are currently looking for officers as well these players should be well versed in PvP WvW content.
  8. Lol all the ppl vouching for the monkeys have monkey names. Well me too, but I'm the exception.
  9. Great Winter [Ice]

    Weebee ICE
  10. Better builds for piken!

    I think thats are great ideas! I'm happy to see everyone working towards the goal of improving the server. I will try to get something started on the forums as a place for the builds so easily linkable. Going to be a bit tho as my state lost power like 80% so rip.
  11. Better builds for piken!

    We already have an amazing weaver build on the forum so I think if we take a ez build and make it our own (change stuff around. IE armor stats and minor traits.) But the real challenge is to get ppl to actually want to swapp from their RP builds. Making it as easy as possible is my goal so if we can make posts on our findings and then I will pull them together into a guide for pugs? Idk what do you guys and gals think?
  12. Better builds for piken!

    What I wanted from This post is for the ppl on the forums to come up with good wats to share this info with the pugs of the server in a helpful way.
  13. Hey guys let's brain storm on how to fix this piken pug and build problem! Piken has alot of strong carebears I mean look at me I'm the strongest! But that said the ppl on the forum (for the most part) care about piken and would like it to succeed, so I propose that we make a post for the new meta builds and how they are played (best way to farm the gear) maybe even setting up days that well know wvw players *like myself* could set up a farming day for this year to advance the server. Much love Mask
  14. Executed [EXE] are recruiting WvW members

    Good to see you guys active again! Weebee!
  15. HvoC-Confusion and Disorder.

    Just wanted to mention that we got our Guild hall!!!!! We are recruiting again, and more prevalent in WvW so join today!!