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  1. Lol all the ppl vouching for the monkeys have monkey names. Well me too, but I'm the exception.
  2. So long Piken o/

    Rip Nsf ye hardly raided.
  3. Fixing Piken <3

    I would love to do a warrior and rev training session, as I am best bubble EU/NA and love to play my rev and have learned the positioning and have it down pat.
  4. Fixing Piken <3

    Lol my dood I was talking about you saying that you saying "idk how this is news" instead of confirming like yeah we should be reminding our players. I don't understand the Carebear thing. Piken really isn't that Carebear anymore. And I agree we should be doing those things you listed but is moira working on some stuff going to stop that? Is me mentioning like hey try to remind ur zergs this stuff is going to be negative, if you make it the norm ppl will grow onto expecting it to be the norm. And as far as Svarty goes we were just pointing something out to be reminded of ppl so they don't drop everything then 111111111 thru the rest of the fight, because "how this is news" I see this crap all the time.
  5. Fixing Piken <3

    @Chris not everyone is a leet player like you man! Some people might not notice that kinda stuff we figured we would bring it up for people that might not notice it. Commanders say drop the bomb some people drop the entire bomb. Try to learn to be supportive and not super negative about everything! Much love Mask
  6. Fixing Piken <3

    We need to work on the confidence of our players, do we have a therapist. If not I will provide a inspiring speech prebattle, works in the movies.
  7. Great Winter [Ice]

    Weebee ICE
  8. Fixing Piken <3

    Fantastic more ppl should take this stance on commanding, and in life always look inward at failure and see how to fix it.
  9. Fixing Piken <3

    This is deff a big issue with piken, maybe at regular intervals do some movement training like in between fights or caps. Be clear with what u want from the range and melee while moving alot if the movement comes from range knowing they need to be off tag during engage, and flanking the enemy. Melee might be uncertain about survival during a push which makes them dye cause of no dmg mitigation, healing, boons. But just try to work on the movement during raids and even with pugs if they arnt in ts say like "stay on tag, get tight" Explain to them why melee wants to stay tight and how it's safer.
  10. Fixing Piken <3

    I would like to say if you have legitimate experience with these meta builds Plz help @Moira with what you can as I will be doing it with the classes I have played and understand. Well once I get power back. Typing all that woulds be hell.
  11. Fixing Piken <3

    @Chris ahh I see what u mean. That makes sense. Thank you @Moira for starting the post for the builds.
  12. Fixing Piken <3

    I appreciate it Flex, also thanks for being so flex-able (sorry had to do it) with give and take from this link. GH seems to be the best link we have had thus far and i feel much of it is you spearheading the cooperation. Big ups to flex
  13. Fixing Piken <3

    Why should we get rid of reserving borders? And for the tags that always tag up that is between the tags if the ppl that wanna tag on reset want to talk about who is tagging for reset. Doggs point is that we should focus on high quality tags with the focused wvw players on one tag so we have a main zerg. Instead of spreading us too thin.
  14. Fixing Piken <3

    I'm going to have to agree with that one. during the meeting we should set up squads so we can get team comp and such sorted out. That's a good idea dog. Start with 1 to 2 tags Is Flex tagging on resets?
  15. Fixing Piken <3

    All fantastic ideas, and great conversation! Now if we can all make an effort to get these things rolling! As a leader of probs the smallest havoc guild, I gave been making an effort to get teamed up with other guilds so that we can raid together. I might lean a bit more for zerg fighting and commanding once I figure out FB and build one.