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  1. ODIN

    sad panda. if you dont provide a video url then of course there will be a problem embeding the video.
  2. Pin You Up!

    But but but she wanted busty females Axel.
  3. [AGB] Angry German Blob Recruiting

    @Dione it is something like "terms of service" or "terms and conditions" (of service).
  4. [AGB] Angry German Blob Recruiting

    Wow Also the abbrevation is kinda nice for german speakers reading it
  5. Meanwhile on Piken ;)

    Hm. Would I be staff 1 or 2? Edit: I am totaly fine with critizism or different opinions on how this forum is operated or what is tolerated or what is not as long as it is done in a constructive or at least polite way. I don't care how other communities handle their community platforms.
  6. Pin You Up!

    Wow rose. Amazing skills I realy admire people that can draw fast and have the ability to not mess up body(part) dimensions/measures. Years ago I tried for some time drawing with ink and it was horrible (because everythink you put down is permanent)
  7. Hi Rosh , can you help me to enter ARMA guild in the Piken Guilds List ? I wrote you a previous message about.



    1. Rosh


      Oh. Here you wrote to me!

  8. Hi Rosh, I am an official for ARMA , the one who is responsible with the contact with our server in wvw.

    I would like to add ARMA in the guild page, please can you allow me to post ARMA in the Guilds area ?



  9. "Nu, pogodi!"

    nice one
  10. Polls for our moderators will be coming soon.

    So please everyone that has an interest in this (moderating and is able to write some english words in random order, send me (Rosh) a private message.
    Polls will be up on this weekend.

  11. Great Winter [Ice] #3 - Meteor Man

    nice video
  12. Greetings!

    How is it going?

    Everything fine in the house and stuffs and with the guy lurking about?


    1. Dione


      Struggling with some health problems, and Raving is absolutely the most supportive person in the world and im the happiest girl because of it.

      How're you Rosh?

  13. heck the hecking heckers!

  14. heck that heck


    So i guess this is not you omega?