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  1. Hoe have you been?

    there was a time where leaping was a 100% suicide, the game got several patches and leaping now is possible with precautions.( enemy went in cooldown )
  2. Hoe have you been?

    some SSD may have issues retaining data after a long period without being powered. (I don't have feedback on such case but i would try to run an antivirus scan just to trigger the SSD trimmer to look at the files, or you could try an optimization of the drive which is not a fragmention optimization for windows 10) maybe your OS is upgrading and if you have an HDD you should check if its activity is not pushing up to 90% or more.(mainly is caused by upgrades or optimization tasks if you have .NET installed) sometimes troubles are caused by the sata cables, in such cases if you got some extra cables just swap them. (system powered off and discharged) the OS can be easily migrated to another SSD/HDD with Macrium Reflect, it does give you the tool to make a ghost backup as well. if you think its a mobo related issue, try to have a look at the system time on the Bios, if it uses an old date can cause issues with windows even before the clock will sync throught internet.
  3. Hoe have you been?

    yes Piken has a high population and we're going T1 in the next matchup; numbers are very relative, they depends mostly on the presence of a commander Tag in the border; globally ( on a week base) the amount of people in the game is lower then before which means mostly of big fights occurs during the weekends ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday ), in such situations there is an amount of not wvw-veterans thats joins the warfare to collect wvw pips. We have small queues and moving to borders is generally not a big issue; i usually put a tag to have people interested and running for a couple of hours; the action lower down during the week so I don't need to run deeper into the night. Some guilds moved to different servers, and some guilds moved to Piken; we still have MI(Monkeys and the karaoke), CMON(Azizi and friends), ARMA(Pizza!!), HI(friends from blacktide) and more; we had a good run with gcef on Piken(i'm not sure if they moved to RoS or they just on a break), and latety we had KISS guild moving to Piken from Gunnar's Hold, and the ODIN guild joining as well. We do have enemies, threats and challenges; mostly of the big fights occurs in EB and the points are based on PPT + PPK where the latter(kills) does have a significant impact. Moka.
  4. Hoe have you been?

    Hey Vic, nice to see you, yeah PS is still up and kicking. just playing for fun .
  5. Stomp for Piken

    Stomp For Piken [PS] is the Piken Square server community guild (470+ members). We are a Guild created by the community for the WvW community. Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, join us to help make Piken WvW more fun and organized! Any Piken Square WvW player can join in. All that matters is being nice/respectful and have fun! Our leadership and membership is made up of volunteers who often have other primary guilds. As such, you will see much of the roster representing other guilds quite often. However, leaders and commanders will also tag for [PS], and this is the time to really show your support for the server, rep [PS], and join in on the fun! [PS] main role on the server is to: Strengthen WvW team spirit (shout out for help from small or large numbers of friendlies when needed – work together as a team to accomplish goals) Improve communication using the [PS] Guild chat. We suggest that you always have this enabled in game to be aware of/ask about current tags and any "Calls to Arms" for the server. Remember that guild chat is less open to ingame "teamchat" spies! Environment for (fresh) players to get to know the Piken WvW community and where they can get approachable help / information from veterans. Support commanders & scouts. Siege and Objective Claiming available. Ask for special rank if you take on this role. Resource Bank - The guild bank is used for storing and distributing resources for open commanders, scouts and Piken WvW scribes. Donations always welcomed! Guild Missions - These are organised weekly on Sundays around lunchtime, and will also be randomly activated through the week. We try to make sure everyone in [PS] is able to max out their guild commendations and rares. Open Raids (all commanders welcome to tag up under PS) If you’re looking for GvG and pro action please also research and join one of our excellent hardcore WvW Guilds on Piken. We’d be happy to bring you into contact with any of them. You can contact any of the following to request an invite: Mokarica (Mocambo.8462) / Vidyia (Linwe.8730) / Hotcatz (hotcatz.6834) / Victimizer (SirVictimizer.6231) Our website is the Piken Square WvW forum: We also have a Discord server for friendly out of game chat: