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  1. Pro's raid 05042019

    Good Reset, nice number of Revs ~ #returnoftherapgod
  2. Pro's Friday raid

    I expected hard fights and we did, i enjoyed myself and will use this as a learning point and i hope the rest of the server will do aswell
  3. Piken Pugs and KISS footage

    Yay! i'm internet famous now
  4. Ruthless' Christmas Tag + Giveaways

    Bring any classes for some fun
  5. Ruthless' Christmas Tag + Giveaways

    Ruthless invites you to his chrismtas give away tag around 10pm GMT There will be goodies: Black Lion Keys, GEMS!, Choice of 1 outfit from TP, Gold, Dyes + More goodies! Turn up in your best chrismtas outfit! more info on the day! (have to be on ts and pref squad in not full) Merry Christmas All! Ruthless & Pro
  6. Movement Drills with Loli

    Encouraging new and seasonal players to come along for movement drills, positioning and more. Q&A about anything; Classes, Mechanics, Terminology etc LF experienced players to help out and give advice. Feedback is much welcomed. Pro