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  1. *Bumping for great justice* [MI] are recruiting! Also, due to the recent pundemic we are now offering counselling as an additional perk upon joining.
  2. If you find yourself in a downed state as a result of Yzz's puns, I will be there to rez you.
  3. DPS Staff Ele Guide (Updated 18/12/17)

    Thanks for updating!
  4. I clearly fail at searching. Thanks!
  5. Can you also do a frontline build? (Or is it not really viable?)
  6. I've been using Chem's build for a bit; noticed he was using in arena and small groups and figured it was worth trying. I think he's gone for exuberance to buff vitality since overloading requires you to be closer to the enemy and therefore you take more damage. The runes also add some buff to power and precision based on vitality (hence the oil). Exuberance is providing an extra 28 condition and 77 healing power - is this significant? If not, would it not be better to gain the additional vitality from gear so that runes of strength can be used instead? Getting closer for overloads is a challenge for me (I'm fairly average) so would it be better to take Harmonious Conduit and Lucid Singularity instead of Invigorating Torrents and Element Bastion? If so, does this not break the purpose of an aura sharing support build?
  7. I've made some changes; does anyone have any feedback or comments?
  8. WvW - I'll add something at the top to make it clearer and move the link to the PVE guide to the bottom.
  9. Intro This build is for those who want to use a staff in a support role in medium to large groups in WvW. Build Air-Water-Tempest. (Credit: Chemsorly) Gear - Valkyrie armour with Zerk weapon, trinkets and celestial back. Runes - The Superior Rune of Exuberance (Superior Rune of the Pack is a cheaper alternative). Sigils - Superior Sigils of Bloodlust and Strength. N.B. When using Bloodlust it should also be on the Trident to keep the stacks when entering/exiting water. How to play CC's - Wait for the comm to call for them since you don't want to blow your cooldowns at the initial engagement. Otherwise, freecast to block or funnel the enemy. Water - If no one is calling them on TS, please get on it (small water for regroups, big water for heavy pressure) to call them out. Overloading water is a good way to provide Frost Aura to allies. Overloads - Use these whenever they are off cooldown. Offensive/Defensive changes - If you want to go more offensive, consider swapping Tempest - Invigorating Torrents for Harmonious Conduit to allow overloading Air much closer to the frontline. Comparison to classic build (something here) Disclaimer: I'm not a theorycrafter and would appreciate any feedback.