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  1. Piken vs Gandara short vid

    also you might want to use all your f1's before using that elite as they recharge after casting it
  2. Finally under 500th (496) place AP, according to gw2 efficiency (Higher than 99% of 102,130 accounts)

  3. Even After 4 Years Still Growing As a Community

    I'm pretty sure that guy left the company already lul
  4. Got 2 more recordings from kojaka & evil :D

  5. Selling Skyforge gift pack premium codes, pm 4 extra infos

  6. we want @Kuper and @Huntress back OR RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Freedom

  8. Windows Experience Index - Post upgrade

    sandisk is king in performance atm
  9. Windows Experience Index - Post upgrade

    which ssd?
  10. In expectation of @Kuper open raid :D

  11. Assimilated [borg] Reunion soon(tm)

    fu i cant join with ranger
  12. [echo] Armored Spearhead

    damn you are a slow one roy...
  13. gw054.jpg

  14. Anguîsh [Ash]

    hi hi! may your stay be longer than som of other guilds that came!