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  1. Pro's Friday Raid

  2. Exo's friday raid

  3. New FB stats , what do you think

    I don't quite get the arguement about aegis. Surely, you would want to remove aegis as soon as possible and with lowest damage possible.
  4. New FB stats , what do you think

    At the end of the day it really depends how do you want to play. If you're committed to pirateshipping then it makes sense, but why not bringing revs instead of burn fbs then. You'll get more downs from powerspikes than condi damage. It's also questionable if this build has any value on enemy melee pushes, does it provide any real sustain to you and your party or you just die instantly.
  5. Pro's raid 12042019

  6. Pro's Friday raid

    Even though it's mostly wipes, it clearly shows that individually decision making is rather poor, among other things. There were plenty of instances where there was no time for commander to give a command and each member should have reacted on their own accordingly to enemy actions.