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  1. Pro's raid 12042019

  2. Pro's Friday raid

    Even though it's mostly wipes, it clearly shows that individually decision making is rather poor, among other things. There were plenty of instances where there was no time for commander to give a command and each member should have reacted on their own accordingly to enemy actions.
  3. Meta shifts

    As I have said above, the question of damage dealing in meta squads can be easily solved if you watch recordings. That doesn't mean that you will win every time with meta squad, hoever it does make it clear that meta squads being too focused on sustaining and healing is simply wrong.
  4. Meta shifts

    @ Azizi Regardless if warriors run warhorn or not meta squads have enough damage to defeat opponent blobs. If you want a proof for that you can check videos posted on this forum of Dogg leading on two different occasions. You can run more agressive/higher damage builds but that's not a guarantee for a win. It only means "I will kill you before you can kill me" and then it comes to the competance of enemy leader/squad. As long as enemy can dodge your damage or soak/mitigate it enough of it to not die on the first push you will probably lose, because they need to put out less damage to kill your glassy squad. In essence, the question is how much do you want to gamble on a push to survive/kill enemy: higher risk is higher rewards but also higher chance of failure. As Dione alluded there's more than just builds and when it comes to damage it's mostly coordination of damage dealers spiking at the same time. On a push we don't need to kill 15-20 players of 50 men blob. It's enough to kill 5 and not have anyone of us die.