Purpose and Goal of the Piken Square Forums

These forums were created to gather Piken's WvW forces in one area for the purpose of improved communication, brainstorming, camaraderie, game change discussions, sharing of builds, showcasing of guilds, problem solving and to make it easier to organise in-game events, both serious and for fun.

For this to be successful and ongoing, the moderating team will act to respond to reports that alert to clear breaches of the following guidelines. The goal is to provide a fair and safe place for people to engage in community discussion that encompasses a range of views about issues.

The Forum Team reserves the right to remove/hide any comment which breaches our moderation guidelines or interferes with the goal of goodwill and teamwork on the forum.  Please don't post a comment which is threatening, discriminatory, slanderous, libellous, spam, advertising, uses highly offensive language, is of a political nature, breaches a person's privacy, wildly irrelevant, or for the sole purpose of flaming, causing drama, or negativity. Freedom of speech is nice in theory, however is not always practical on a forum moderation basis as all content is always visible to all users - we will do our best to uphold it, however at times it may be necessary to censor.


Basic Forum Guidelines

Threats/ Personal Attacks

Threatening or abusive comments will not be tolerated, either towards individuals or groups.


Discriminatory remarks are unacceptable; this includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism or homophobia

Slander & Libel

Don't make false or malicious claims about other people or organisations.

Offensive Language

Please don't swear to the level of x-rated.  We really don't want to have to remove any comments with valuable ideas because of foul language. Different people have different opinions about what constitutes offensive language and the Forum Team will review offensiveness based on severity and context in each particular instance.


While we appreciate wide-ranging discussions, we'd like to avoid threads derailing. Please don't engage in "trolling" or harassing (trying to cause trouble in an online forum just for the sake of it or to serve your own personal agenda).


In addition to being mindful of your own, please always consider and respect other people's privacy. Private messages are private. Screenshotting and sharing personal messages you have received from others on the forum with third parties will incur an instant forum ban.



In the event the Forum Team does remove/hide a comment due to a breach of our Moderation Guidelines the author will be notified via the forum report system.  If this happens to you, please feel free to post a new comment that expresses your point of view whilst keeping our Moderation Guidelines in mind. Serious and repeat offenders will have their user registration blocked.

If you wish to discuss a decision that has been made, please do so in private mail to moderators. Do not engage in public flaming and undermining of our community.

Shoutbox Moderation

The Forum Team is a lot more liberal with the Shoutbox due to its more casual and conversational nature. However, at time it may be necessary for us to delete a shout (we cannot moderate) or a whole flow of shouts if any of the forum guidelines are broken. A note will be left by a Forum Team member in the Shoutbox if this is the case.

Shouts against our guidlines may also incur Warning points.


Warning System

In the event that warnings are issued, the following protocol is actioned.

1 Warning Point / Initial Warning - in place for 48 hours. This step is designed to warn a person that they have breached the guidelines and to encourage reflection on the issue. No further actions are taken.

2 Warning Point - in place for 30 days. This step is designed to warn a person that they have breached the guidelines again. Your warning means that all your posts will be pre-moderated for 7 days to ensure further breaches are prevented. You are also prohibited from using the shoutbox.

3 Warning Points - in place for 30 days. This level of warning means that you cannot post for 7 days to ensure further breaches are prevented. You are also prohibited from using the shoutbox.

4 Warning Points - in place for 30 days. This level reflects a ban from the forums. Re-entry to the forums can be negotiated with the Forum Team, but otherwise, this step is permanent.


How our Moderators do their Thing

On the subject of rules:
 - The rules come from the forum guidelines as explained above.
 - The moderators are not here to question these guidlines, or to make new ones, but to act upon them.

On the subject of reports:
 - The moderators take every report serious.
 - Please consider carefully before reporting something as the report button is not a toy for people’s entertainment.

On determining if a report warrants a warning:
 - In order to issue a warning for a report, the majority of the moderators agree on that the reported content is violating above guidelines.

On the procedure of issuing warnings:
 - When a person is given a warning, the moderator that issues it puts a link to the forum guidelines and an explaination as to why the moderator team gave a warning in the “Message to Member”. This is to remind that person of the rules, and to explain what they did wrong.

On the subject of unban petitions:
 - If a person has accumulated so many warning points that he/she is auto-banned, he/she can petition the moderators to lift the ban. It’d be nice if this unban petition contains the background of the problem and rational arguments as to why he/she should be unbanned. If the majority of the moderators agrees to the unbanning, the person is unbanned.