In the early summer of 2017, Inner Monkey decided to shake things up. Unfortunately, with a guild tag of only two letters, there's not many ways to shake them, and so MI was born. Many monkeys took up the new name with some regret but a lot of enthusiasm, and in this enthusiasm, we might've planted a few too many trees. Now we don't have enough monkeys to populate all these trees and we're looking to bring some new life into the forest!  

So Monkey Interference [MI] is recruiting. You might be a good monkey if:  

  • You play a class in Guild Wars 2 that is capable of entering a WvW map and you're interested in the game mode.  
  • You have the Sprout dye unlocked and you have the Monkey King tonic (actually it's cool if you don't have these, we have plenty to share!) 
  • You are convinced that the Punisher is actually a mace, and not a hammer.  
  • You have a healthy love/hate relationship with puns. If you're actually good at puns, please join us, teach our guild leader how being funny is actually done (save us).  
  • You are not at all interested in the specifics of how "cooking" is defined and you will never ask any question like "if you prepare X, is that cooking?" 
  • You are a karaoke enthusiast. Bonus points if you're a good singer, because a lot of singing happens in this guild, but we can count our good singers on one hand. Or even on one finger.  
  • You just really love climbing trees in a video game. You know, save the virtual trees? 

As a guild, we try to focus on keeping things fun. We stay out of drama if we can avoid it, we play whatever we like and are most comfortable on. We find our own way to shine on the battlefield anyway, and just try to be nice people in general. 

If you want to see what kind of trees we have on offer, or if you want to know more about us in general, feel free to message Yzzo.2986, reply to this thread, and/or join us for a few raids! 

Unsure about MI? Have some totes legit fan's opinions (I'm sorry, our guild leader forced me):  

  • Garrison Ford: "Who?"  
  • Michael Bay: "I like explosions!"  
  • Hillary Clinton: "I love MI. Monsters Inc is such a great movie!"