Canidae [FTW]  get involved in a variety of WvW play with a main focus on guild raids and guild activities,  in a mature, supportive and socially comfortable setting. The approach of the guild is one of co-operation and inclusiveness. Guild members are involved members who take pride in participation, and whose input is welcomed and valued.

This guild continues to have a steady and committed presence on Piken, with some havoc and off-peak activities also. A place to work within a team, revise your builds and improve your play.  



  • "Top Doge"  - Guild leader.
  • "Akitas" - Commanders/group leaders willing to tag and lead the group of whoever is on. These can be havoc or larger groups as befits the number of people online and the capacity of the commander.
  • "Best In Show" - Profession leads/advisors.
  • "Wolf" Officers - to help organise things.
  • "Doge" - basic member rank
  • "Puppy" - New trial member rank

Guild Hall: 

Lost Precipice - Level 69 (fully upgraded)


We are always looking for:


  • We are looking for people who enjoy teamplay in WvW activities. 
  • We want players who really like WvW Guild Raids and activities, and want to do mostly that!
  • We want people who are willing to commit to having a nice place to hang out.
  • We want people who are team players, attend our guild events, and like to do stuff with others.
  • New or veteran players welcome, however it is expected you will be running a server or guild build and have a commitment to better play.
  • 100% rep rule, when you are doing things with the guild.
  • TS3 essential.
  • 18+ mature-minded people with manners :p


Message our guild leader Doas  (Terrier.8732) in game to find out more!

Or simply fill out our application form (click on Apply button) and we will be in touch.