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  6. GoodBye Piken

    Dear Mister... oh you've gone.
  7. Fights with JD, RC, LDN, thiK, DORN Song Names: Stellaris Soundtrack - Faster Than Light (feat. Mia Stegmar)
  8. I just created a Gold Guide updated to 2020, all the current best farm to make gold in the game, and also 10 daily lazy tips to make 100 gold each day. I tried to give a wide variety of farming methods so that everyone can benefit from it, both beginner & experienced player ! I hope this will help you ! Guide :
  9. The corona impact!

    Situation in spain is dire atm, not joking Seems our gov plans on killing all of us: the fact that they don't provide tests starting for health care staff, police, pharmacies, oldies and other hisgh risk groups. Not only they don't provide them, but they are "expropriating" these tests from companies and villages that bought them legally. Siemens got all their lpr equipment stolen by government, wtf? They bought twice the wrong tests, even having a list provided by china with certified suppliers and manufacturerers, probably someone earned big €. Do you know who is taking more tests since the begining of the crisis? Politicians. Shame. And what about media? Those sellouts: Instead of comparing with countries taking the right decissions, they keep talking about italy, uk, usa... why not talk about new zealand? They did 2 things: strict confinement + mass testing. You know what's main focus on the news? Kids, they want them to go out, and got people entertained thinking if it's a good idea or not. When attending "directed" press conferences from gov, their questions are reviewed, or not admitted at all; some professionals have been fired for raising their voice against all of this situation. If they had any integrity, they would not attend those scripted press. But wait, now we got a new thing to focus on the news: giving every citizen 400€ even if they don't work... ehm, what? this is not venezuela, they are not gonna buy votes in exchange of all this death. I'm ashamed, and angry, and still I worry about my friends and coworkers being so lenient with this fucking terrible managers we have as government, but I will not go down like a fucking pussy hiding at home: got a non profit project to buy certified tests and safety equipment, got support from a spanish company working on china, they already gave me the product catalog (including certified covid19 tests), got their logistics support, and my company is reviewing a first draft of this project; it would be awesome if we manage to do what our politicians are failing to do. Let's see how it all goes. This is me when I get angry... Thanks for the messages I got asking about our situation in spain (mm, chao, pikeneers). Also, be safe mates
  10. Does the video work for you? Link is right, but page doesn't load it (tried in mozilla n opera) Leaving the link in any case... koie raid nights s08e01 - backToRaids - for Bass =^..^= #1440p #gw2 #wvw #chao #pikenSquare
  11. Back to wvw after 3 months, now more chill than ever, not commiting to regular raid schedules but once weekly for sure. Big thanks to CHAO guild for being so warm and welcoming, and also to my guild mates from MM and people from Piken Square for their support, even not being in game for these 3 months. Video is dedicated to my good boy Bass, passed at age 11 after a joyful life, my family was blessed to have you with us all these years, every day. No one expected a deaf shepperd doggo to be that extraordinary. RIP friend, we stay here a bit more celebrating life. ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ Strung out - Calling Lagwagon - One more song Nightwish- Wishmaster Pennywise - Bro hymn
  12. The corona impact!

    Well. Let's see. I hope this all will be somewhat contained soon.
  13. The corona impact!

    Some science news. COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promise, research shows Date: April 2, 2020 Source: University of Pittsburgh Summary: Scientists have announced a potential vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic. When tested in mice, the vaccine -- delivered through a fingertip-sized patch -- produces antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2 at quantities thought to be sufficient for neutralizing the virus.
  14. The corona impact!

    Yes he always talks shit lol most of the time. He is a top notch narcist! Friend showed me this and that could be very interesting as long as there is no vaccine. 'The FDA-approved Drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro'
  15. The corona impact!

    trump probably has shares in the company that makes it - he talks 100% shit!
  16. The corona impact!

    Yes but then I have to make a chain list of fam and friends to do my shopping this can take months and months. At night there is really hardly someone in the supermarket. Ofcourse in a few weeks its gone become very dangerous here and I might have no choice, when every one is coughing etc. But 50% of the ppl are stealth carriers. A bigger concern for me is that it might be possible all antibiotics dry up that would be very bad! Specially now Trump has tweeted that the malaria medicine with my antibiotics Azitromycin works on the corona virus. There will be a huge jump on azitromycin buffers worldwide I expect.
  17. The corona impact!

    Take care Chimpz , you have to run 0 risks for what possible.
  18. The corona impact!

    True Dogg, however at night iam almost alone at my supermarket. After nine at night there are hardly ppl. But day time is a big no no no no!! But its still leveling up in infected ppl in my city so probably soon indeed I have to stay perma at home. Be careful yourself Dogg you and your fam
  19. The corona impact!

    lads - if you can get someone else (healthy!) to do your shopping for you then do it! dont risk supermarkets etc
  20. The corona impact!

    I think its very good you are in Sweden Brio ^__^
  21. The corona impact!

    They are, and raised in investment. From 1.2k euro to 1.4-1.5 ~ish k. But I still have a similar mask to what you have. I did most of my shopping... well, last year. I am not prepping, but I have food for approx 40-50 days (2k kcal daily), besides the "bulk me up please". Only 15 litres clean water thou... I was forced to kinda stock up a bit when there was planned watershortage (that I did not get told of), so now I do not have to boil water for plants to make coffe (nor water down the wine I am sipping), at least for a few days :D If I was in Spain, I did not have to wait for sun nor, hopefully, start the fire to get heat in flat (shaving down on electricity bill, I have approx 1 ton wood, using up 7-15 kg daily depending on what sort of wood used). When it is -2 to -8 inside at living room window, and 15-18 inside of rest of flat - you should have started the fire earlier No sleep for the wicked people in Sweden! On a sidenote, we still have a different @Mask on Piken!
  22. The corona impact!

    Yes thats even better, lot handier! Best strategy for me is now to do shopping at evening. Then its not crowded at the supermarket! Hope you and your fam are good and healthy at Spain Brio! It is an unreal world at the moment. Sad how many ppl are victems.
  23. The corona impact!

    Those masks... I hate em. Clogs up around nose/mouth and none can wear any shades/glasses. I prefer Versaflo M-306 with Adflo
  24. The corona impact!

    In my City Dogg its not so bad yet. I keep a sharp watch on the % of infected soon I go wear my chemical gass mask with double filters. Its protects loads better then a mouthmask. I have loads of disinfection alcohol for my hands and I got a viral inhibitor where science research has proven it docks the replication enzyme sars cov2 (covid-19) uses and inhibits it. A virus needs after replication an enzyme to break out of the human host cell. Virusses use for that a chemical class of enzymes named proteases (we use those also to digest proteins). If that protease is blocked by a protease inhibitor the virus cant get out if the cell and is cleaned up in about 20 min later by the cell program. That enzyme is the weakest spot of the virus. The human host cell becomes then a jail! And how ever smart it is to mutate, to overcome recognition by an break out of the cell it keeps needing those same enzymes, proteases. Chemistry rules biology as no virus can bypass or neglect that use of enzyme class. it keeps needing those always. Ofcouse this is never tested before on humans so it has a high chance of probability but is hypothetical. But in my case as cystic fibrosis patient that still beats the 0% strategy, wich have nothing at all. There are two sars cov 2 viral inhibitors. One of both is now tested by a Canadian pharmacy at China at patients. They wanne patent a variation of the molecule and make it in to a medicine.
  25. The corona impact!

    keep away from everyone chimps!!! go deep cover!!
  26. Just hope u keeping yourself safe Chimpzz

    1. Chimpz


      Thanks Golden ;) with cystic fibrosis thats needed big *hugs* hope you stay safe to and your dear ones.


  27. The corona impact!

    Thanks Duca&Red ^__^ I am happy you forwarded my info! Thats really great! Hope it helps a lot of people and at least some! Ill save myself with less antibiotics although it sucks. I always have a plan B. Red, yes Netherlands is for a small part in denial mostly teens and young people. Those ppl are idiots. The virus is so contagious that every week it goes up by a factor 4.2 and each month by a factor of 311 roughly. Unless ofcourse you put the breaks on it by goverment control. I hope it starts to slow down everywhere. Good luck my friends! Chimpz!
  28. The corona impact!

    Hi Chimpz Duca forwarded your message to all of us. Take care first of all, I hear Nederlands is in a kind of denial mode of the problem, so be very carefull and keep us posted. I miss a lot our night raid and chats... A giant hug to all, Piken is a very special place and has a very special a community, be proud of it and I miss it. Thanks to all and take care, this is not an Italian problem only now, it is going to affect all sooner or later , so please be ready. See you around! Red
  29. The corona impact!

    Thanks Chimpz , I have forwarded your message at all ARMA . We are grateful of your words and to the Piken friends that are using and contacting us with nice words. Yes , it's a very hard and difficult moment for all the Italians and I am shocked you are getting less antibiotics, this is not correct and none of us would think that's a correct way to do. We need to support each other and do not let none back. A great Hug to all . Duca
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