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  2. Morning Run with Coffee Fae

    Sunday Morning Run for all motivated Piken and Coffee Junkies
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  4. Open server WvW training


    Aggressive Training
  5. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    @Vayle , no thanks needed I am here to support the community
  6. @ducadiebonhawke thank you very much on behalf of myself and the entire guild
  7. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    Hi @Vayle , I moved VG Guild inside the Piken active list , I also gave as request to you and Perrseus the Guild Leader rank. Please review the Guild page and update if needed. Thanks Duca
  8. I would appreciate that, is it also possible to return GM status to me and Perrseus? I would highly appreciate it, thnx
  9. Varangian Guard [VG] is back and looking for you!

    Welcome back, I see your guild in the old listed , if you want I can put again in the active listed Guilds and you can update the text. Just let me know
  10. Greetings Piken Square, Varangian Guard is returning to active status in GW2. We are a WvW centric guild founded in 2013 by dedicated Piken Square veterans from Good Game [GG] 2012-13. We are currently comprised by newer members around a core of the original founders and officers who seek to retain the ethos and legacy of GG. Therefore, our goal is to build a friendly guild community in which anyone may feel welcome, regardless of their style of play and aptitude. You can expect an open minded guild with friendly members willing to help one another out. We will be present in WvW either commanding, scouting or otherwise seeking to aid the server and Piken Square community. If you wish to join us or get in touch, you may do so by either sending a PM or mail to an officer or leader. The guild leadership consists of Vayle (Vayle.7964), Perrseus (XxdarkyxX.8319) and The Scrivener (A SLS VI.7912), and our officers are Thorin (Thorin.3519) and Matt (Koots.9608). Sincerely, the Varangian Guard Triumvirate.
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  12. ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ Stratovarius - I walk to my own song - Anthem Of The World Footage from thursday raid with chao, and friday home defense reset with chao n MI (3rd-4th October 2019)
  13. Open server WvW training

    Open server WvW training . Explaining the basics of WvW in a public Run. Held every Wednesday night. Held by PTSG
  14. Asura only raid

    Asura only raid. Come be accolades and leave our enemies as dumb corpses. 8am server time. Join us in TS and have fun. May all your theories be sound.
  15. [Chao] Reset Defence

    Poot with laidback defence and tiering up of home bl
  16. The Piken Beasts are going rouge

    that was a great raid we had :D was kinda waiting for the balista bit at the end but we all felt kinda bad about it laters :'D
  17. Looking for a claiming guild? Join Blobocity. Only there to give people more claiming guilds (currently camps and towers only). Currently 20 members. Slowly building up. I received some questions from people who wanted to join. No need to apply, just let me know if you want to claim stuff. Officers from leading PS guilds can get officer rank upon request. - Only active in WvW (at the moment). - Everyone is welcome. We accept strays, as long as you behave. - Representing is not required. - Most members have a main wvw guild. We have members from FTW, Odin, Arma, ... Join PS if you can! - Saturday morning you'll find a lot of us online, we do guild missions then. - As a member, refrain from using foul language and all kinds of griefing. Rule of thumb is good sportsmanship. The guild is not a democracy, nor a community, just an extra claiming guild with a little extra. As such misbehaviour has 1 punishment: insta guild kick. Want invite? Pm me here or message me in game. Complaints about members? Pm me here or in game. Note: Made this post since some people joined I don't actually know... will edit if necessary.
  18. Pin You Up!

    But but but but... rose... I only have male characters):
  19. Pin You Up!

    When you have the time Try to keep the serious face and not a too girly pose. I'm a viking after all
  20. Other guild being serious about their fights, here are we derping around dying of completly different reasons
  21. ARMA 10/09/2019

  22. ODIN 07/09/19

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