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  2. Reset Highlights 12th October

    never happened! photoshop!
  3. The best fights from reset this weekend Some funny stuff happened.
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    We are a very active guild with several sections PVE , PVP, WvW. We are friendly people, open to collaborate, we like to play in group and have fun always in respectful manners for guild members and other players. Our official Tag days are tuesday and thursday. We can also tag in case we see need to support the server in the other days. Guild Leader are Antares and Wandalo for WvW. WvW section has an active group of 20+ players and we are working to increase those number inside and outside the Guild. Our Goal is to collaborate with other Piken guilds and improve all together. WvW main Commanders are : MR Y , Wandalo - WvW Commander :disint, ducadiebonhawke - Roaming Group Leaders : Wuaandax , Azathot - Guild Officers : Avec du Vin , Azathot, Mato WvW Guid Representative, ( delegated member to manage relationships with other wvw server guilds ) : ducadiebonhawke We organize dedicated training and support for new members. We are open to recruit but we request polite, respectful manners and guild representative Tag mandatory. For any info feel free to contact me : ducadiebonhwake or our guild leader Antares . You are welcome. See you in the field and enjoy ARMA
  6. merciful intervention <3

    Just wanna share another reason why i like this game, and how it can be fun and needed to play support yes im not the best player, so no need to dive into that. enjoy the video if you do and ignore it if you dont.
  7. Fiesta Raid

    Fiesta 24 h raid
  8. Fiesta Raid

    Fiesta raid
  9. Pre PoF 9 man wrecking crew action
  10. Hi Rosh , can you help me to enter ARMA guild in the Piken Guilds List ? I wrote you a previous message about.



    1. Rosh the Posh

      Rosh the Posh

      Oh. Here you wrote to me!

  11. Lag issues & Solutions Part 2

    Fair enough.
  12. Lag issues & Solutions Part 2

    Backup. Mentioned 2 times. Now bolded and a bit bigger fontsize. Thanks for input
  13. Lag issues & Solutions Part 2

    Interesting and good information. I would however strongly advice against poking around in the registry if people do not know what you are doing. Even if you are using a guide you can make mistakes and mistakes in there can do quite a bit and take quite some time and effort to actually track down and fix, especially if people don't know how it works.
  14. Lag issues & Solutions Part 2

    New stuff with Windows 10 version 1809 as far as I have noticed Focus assist Focus assist will now enable automatically when you’re playing any full screen game. This behavior should be enabled automatically, but you can always check on Settings > System > Focus assist and ensuring the “When I’m playing a game” option automatic rule is turned on Clipboard In the “System” section, you’ll notice a new Clipboard page that houses all the settings to customize the new clipboard experience. Using this page, you can enable or disable the cloud-powered clipboard (Windows key + V), but you’ll continue to have a clipboard functionality just like before. Also, in this page, you can enable or disable the ability to sync your clipboard content to the cloud to be available across devices. This I will ofc turn off Typing - I will set this to Off, Captures In the “Gaming” section, you won’t find a lot of visual changes, but the Game DVR now has been renamed to Captures. I will check out what it will have for impact on the other tweaks, if they are obsolete and/or if I have to add more Talk to Cortana In the Talk to Cortana page, you can now change the name that Cortana uses to call you. (This option was previously available in the Cortana experience settings.) Speech While in the Speech page, you won’t find new features, but now, this is the place to turn Online speech recognition on or off. Edit: I noticed OneSyncSrv is back due to the version-change
  15. Other tweaks I have done in windows 10, besides You must be running as an administrator Remove Weather and all moving/blinking stuff from Startmenu Disable OneDrive Uninstall Windows Media Player - I recommend VLC You can't turn off the telemetry feature completely, but you can choose to send only a limited amount of data on your Windows 10 usage. To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback and change the setting under the Diagnostic Data heading from Full to Basic. Regedit: Press Windows + R keys to open Run command Window. On the Run command Window, type regedit and click on the OK button. In the UAC popup, press YES For safety: Backup the registry before making changes by clicking at the top left 'Archive' -> 'Export'. Store it in root of C, name it 'backup before gw2 tweaks' or similar Disable telemetry Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection. In the right panel, right click in an empty space and go to New, select DWORD value (32-bit). Name it AllowTelemetry. Double click on the AllowTelemetry and set the value to 0 and click on Ok. Turn off Xbox DVR Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore Set the value of DWORD "GameDVR_Enabled" to 0 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\ Create key "GameDVR". Create DWORD 32bit called "AllowGameDVR" and set to 0 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\xbgm Right-click Start REG_DWORD in the right-side pane of the window. Click Modify Type 4. The default is 3. Click OK. Services Press Windows + R keys to open Run command Window. On the Run command Window, type services.msc and click on the OK button. Backup the list before making changes by right-clicking at the top left 'Services (Local)' -> 'Export List'. In the Services window, scroll down and double-click on Connected User Experiences and Telemetry. Stop it, in General tab: change Startup type to 'Disabled'. In Recovery tab: change all three conditions to 'Take no action' Now, locate dmwappushsvc service and double click on it. Stop it, in General tab: change Startup type to 'Disabled'. In Recovery tab: change all three conditions to 'Take no action' Now find all the services involving Xbox, right-click each one and do the following: General tab: change Startup type to 'Disabled' Recovery tab: change all three conditions to 'Take no action' Feel free, with caution, to do this for any other unwanted app eg., wallet, maps, fax/printer, cloud and/or updating services for Razer/Adobe/Skype Now, let’s take a look at which services you can manually disable safely (if they exist). AllJoyn Router Service: This service is used for routing the AllJoyn messages for AllJoyn clients. Bluetooth Support Service: This service is in charge of discovering and working with Bluetooth devices. Turning it off is safe if your computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth module. Geolocation Service: This service is responsible for monitoring the current location of your system. Phone Service: This service manages the telephony state on the computer. Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service: This service handles touch keyboard and handwriting panel pen and ink functionality. Windows Biometric Service: This service is responsible for capturing and storing biometric data without gaining access to the biometric hardware. Windows Mobile Hotspot Service: This service enables a user to share cellular data with other devices. Adobe Acrobat Update Service: This service manages the updates of all Adobe Acrobat applications. Downloaded Maps Manager: This service allows different installed applications to have access to the downloaded maps. Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service: This service collects real-time ETW events from Internet Explorer and processes them. Print Spooler: This service handles the interaction between the printer and the computer. Disabling it will disable the ability to print. Skype Updater: This service helps download and install the latest Skype updates. Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service: This service lets the user share Windows Media Player libraries to other networked players or music devices. Auto Time Zone Update: This service works in order to update the time zone automatically. Bluetooth Handsfree Service: This service handles the computer’s connection with Bluetooth headsets. Enterprise App Management Service: This service is responsible for managing various enterprise apps. Hyper-V Heartbeat Service: This service is used for monitoring the state of a virtual machine by sending heartbeats at regular intervals. ............... After you complete a Windows 10 upgrade, the first thing you should do is go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for updates. Install any available updates, including updated drivers. Next, on the Windows Update page in Settings, click Change active hours to specify your normal work hours (a window of up to 18 hours), when you don't want to be interrupted by updates. Restart your computer. All above can be subject to change after an update of your Windows (you have to redo it). Most likely something will be added after the big update of Windows soon to come. I will get to Focus Assistant later on and a few other tweaks I have made. Edit 1 (quick): Win update - Advanced options - All off Delivery Optimization (not sure it is named that) - OFF Privacy - All off Focus: Off Storage Sense: Off Edit2: Testing to disable OneSyncSvc I forgot 1 service of XBox (and faster way to do it, I update later on to give you less writing to do) Start cmd as admin, paste below code, press enter reg add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\xbgm" /v "Start" /t REG_DWORD /d "4" /f sc config XblAuthManager start= disabled sc config XblGameSave start= disabled sc config XboxGipSvc start= disabled sc config XboxNetApiSvc start= disabled Edit 2018 3 October, 16:55 Bolded a few things so people perhaps read them
  16. Poke the Thieves

    love it :D
  17. Fiesta Raid

  18. Hi Rosh, I am an official for ARMA , the one who is responsible with the contact with our server in wvw.

    I would like to add ARMA in the guild page, please can you allow me to post ARMA in the Guilds area ?



  19. Meta shifts

    y i did wonder with the warriors changes if shouts could be more a thing - especially for the more defensive SBs as they will be on tag most of the time so gives them something to do
  20. Meta shifts

    Thanks for the information Dogg. Here is another shift i have not seen present on piken: Shoutbreaker vs spellbreaker. Shoutbreaker outshines regular spellbreaker. Highest amount of cleanse in the game. That being said there is still room for spellbreaker, who is better at putting the first bubble down and getting out.
  21. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Ohm! Now I see, it was that. Nice move Minnie
  22. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Looks like a "nearest number wins" lottery, judging by the /squadchat.
  23. Surprise contest for a precursor

    What was the contest about? Something in game I guess?
  24. Surprise contest for a precursor

    He's still very much alive and kicking. Tho... not in piken anymore
  25. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Well, well, well. I thought he'd died. There's a turn up for the books! gz slackin
  26. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Pants is hot water trash.
  27. Surprise contest for a precursor

    Such a nice weapon to blast all those waterfields with
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