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  4. Footage from 27th April - 04thMay ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ Best Rave/Party Songs Mix #1: PSY TRANCE, MINIMAL, GOA TRANCE, HEAVY BASS Music compilation by @BounceFan117
  5. Guardian Brigade Open Raid

    makes me wana play ele more!
  6. Consider subscribing; trying to reach 100 subs for a custom url on youtube
  7. Guild wars 2 Blub PVP

  8. Brotherhood of Blub

    Now recruiting - open to all multi guild Repping No 100% rep required! If you want to earn your pips with a smile on your face, this is the guild, this is the place. Special limited time offer: Join the Piken guild [Blub], we keep the fun alive in WvW. No 100% Rep Rule! Feel free to multi - guild !
  9. Leaving Piken

    @Rosh @omegazone Awesome thank you :D and tbh, I wouldn't do anything with info from here anyway tho. But thank you for keeping me as friend of piken ^^ I like that
  10. Leaving Piken

    Ye that's not controversial at all. we do have a few members in whom are friends of piken , so we can all keep in touch - but it is limited access so all good \o/ omega x
  11. Leaving Piken

    Ye that's not controversial at all.
  12. Leaving Piken

    I can arrange that for you concerning I wish you good luck outside
  13. Leaving Piken

    @Chrisie Nawwhh I'm sorry Chrisie! Ofcourse we will keep contact ^^ I won't be a stanger to piken players don't worry ^^ Hehehe you can't kill me even if you tried :3 :3 Don't you worry, might come back some day ^^
  14. Leaving Piken

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... NO NOPE NO WAY JOSE! You cannot do that... come on!!!! PWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ... Cwissie won't talk to you no more... Why just why... Anyways. I undertsandz tho. But pls keep in touch.. u got us on FL so drop us a message and tell us where u at so I come KILL YA!
  15. Leaving Piken

    wow - sincere best wishes for you, hope everything medical and educational goes well, hope you have fun roaming and continue to enjoy the game. ++ Good Luck == omega x
  16. Leaving Piken

    gl mate thanks for the efforts
  17. Leaving Piken

    I will miss you Curse thanks for all you did for Piken and all the hours fun. I wish where ever you go you will enjoy the game! Take care m8! Chimpz!
  18. Leaving Piken

    Cheers Man, as PS community, we wish you the best for your RL stuff and may found the fun you need for your next journey into this game; thank you for everything you have done and the dedication to keep people together and have fun. There will be a place for you with us, always. [PS] Stomp for Piken
  19. Leaving Piken

    Take care Curse!!
  20. Hello everyone, many ppl have asked me about builds etc we use, there is just a little explanaintion for it too... This is the raid set up we use, the reason i post it, is to help the server improving and some ppl asked me for our builds. our builds arent a secret so take a look The setup we run, Big health bars for melee and many support and stun breakers to get out bubbles. our experience is that to many get stuck in bubbles and die like flies, so our idea was to counter the meta a little and bring some other stuff.. we try to run a 50/50 scource/boonrip reaper and 1 or 2 condi necro with high condi dmg. warriors more sustain, we only use bubble for boonrip, the reapers will do the rest. this way the warrior can sustain better, you can only win fights if you survive. dead ppl do ZERO dmg. support holo/scrapper for superspeed on engage.. we only use mantra of liberation on firebrands its a party stun break (only stunbreak get you out a warrior bubble) the rest of the skills on firebrand only for support and sustain. (shelter blocks/purging for condi remove or range pressure) when you have like 10 firebrands put a purging on enemy light classes will melt down we have been trying this No healing breeze, you have tomes etc to heal, and this you need to aim, same for some mantra's you need to aim. with this builds you provide the same, but with other things Revenant/ele/scourge are main dps in our setup. we even put revenants in range party's now, so the range party will have resistance etc too make sure you run 1 dps and 1 support condi rev in every party (for stab and healing) 1 dps and 1 support ele. last spot can be a thief with shortbow to blast all the fields. this party's should be always behind the melee train NOT IN FRONT and just focus dps on the tag. for mesmer there is only 1 way to go thats boonshare chrono. the melee party must have 2 firebrands. if not 1 firebrand and 1 chrono. party set up melee. Firebrand,Firebrand,scourge,reaper,warrior (we use 1 mintrel and 1 celestial firebrand in a party) Firebrand,Chrono,scourge,reaper,warrior (firebrand should be minstrel) The warrior can be changed for a holo/scrapper or a condi necro. you only need max 1 or 2. Party set up ranged. Ele (support) Ele (dps) Revenant (DPS) Revenant (Condi Support) Thief, any thief is good, we use shortbow for blast's and powder to blast some stealth. Thief stay on side's or behind to finish ppl in stealth. I know already some ppl who play there characters for 5 years have other opinions about builds,skills etc. i see a lot ppl talking in map chat how much dmg they do etc etc, when i am leading a reset blob with 72 ppl in teamspeak, and we still get rekt because more then 50% squad dies in the first push thats only cuz of builds, you can have all the dmg in the world but if You gonna rallybot like a boss Your dmg.Equals(null) ITS ZERO) behind every build there is a reason RaW Build Setup CHRONO, We only use 1 build for guild raids, ELEMENTALIST MAIN BUILD Healing/support Elementalist REVENANT POWER CONDI SUPPORT MAIN BUILD SCOURGE CONDI NECRO MAX 1,2 IN RAID BOONRIP REAPER WARRIOR BERSERKER SUPPORT WARRIOR SPELLBREAKER SUPPORT GUARDIAN SUPPORT CELESTIAL SCRAPPER PARTY SUPPORT HOLOSMITH / SUPERSPEED / SUPPORT For all this ppl asked me builds, here you go For all this ppl who know better with the DPS builds they use, just go roam, like i said you can have all the dmg in the world but if You gonna rallybot like a boss Your dmg.Equals(null) ITS ZERO) Reguards, Stikko [Raid leader Sassari [RaW]
  21. Leaving Piken

  22. Leaving Piken

    Hiyoo Pikeneers, Most of you probably know me. Some may not. Since game start Piken has been my server and I never left, I never had the feeling to leave. Lately I have been off and not online a lot, leading Drunk raid occasionally but not as often anymore as I did before. Part of this is medically, part of that is because of my study. But I have decided to leave Piken. I want to go more into roaming groups and raid with some roaming friends I have on another server. Lots of stuff happend on this server for me and I always have been for the server in the way I think is good. PS learned me WvW, roaming and leading and has been my home. But all birds leave the nest some time I guess and I have to get away from everything for a bit ^^. I have no hate towards anyone really, have liked almost everyone on the server. And I was hoping I could stay as some sort of friend of piken idk how that's gonna go. Anyway not really more to be said I think, I'll see you guys on the battlefield < 3 Kind regards, Curse
  23. Great Winter [Ice]

    Still looking for Scourges, and Firebrands. Feel free to apply on other classes as we will take exceptions to enthusiastic and talented individuals. Apply here: For more information you can message Joker in game: Skogserik.5970 or any other member of the guild.
  24. Canidae [FTW] - re-opening the Kennel

    Yes! this is good news! happy to hear :D
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