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  2. Basic Guidelines for new wvw players

    New note added. Guild Builds feel free to suggest other guild build links to add.
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  4. Niche blob builds discussion

    I will maybe in the future try both, it will definetely be a personal preference matter.
  5. Niche blob builds discussion

    Focus is used for obsidian flesh. WH has some decent skills, but most like the 4s invuln.
  6. Hoe have you been?

    I'm splendid. Glad you're back. Warm fuzzy feels.

    Although we can put any class to good use (and will Invite people), Our Primary requirement atm is: 1 -Firebrands 1 - Scourges 1- Power Revs 1- Tempest Guild builds & training available Guild recruitment will soon close for the foreseeable future.
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  9. Niche blob builds discussion

    Isn’t warhorn a better choice for support over focus for ele? Water has condi cleanse, earth has extra protection and boon extension.
  10. GW Nightfall - Eye of the North - GW2 codes giveaway - End of Feb 2019! Archdeco from PixelRadio VGM community gave me these codes (from Humble Bundle last christmass, hope they don't expire). To participate subscribe to my channel and reply to video (in youtube), a simple +1 is enough. I'm trying to get 100 subs for a custom URL, no big deal. End of February I'll send them. ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ Sabaton - Ghost Division Sabaton - Swedish Pagans // LPR - Vamos entrando // Kortatu - Don Vito y la revuelta en el feropático // Violadores del Verso - Filosofía y letras Footage from Febrary 08th 2019 Closed interguild raid with commander Azizi from - CMON - MM and some other guild tags. Nice fights with Gandara at dessert bl. Big hug to our friend Suranis, going through harsh times... much love mate o/
  11. Hoe have you been?

    Haha Hi Nilin!!!!!!!! How are ya?
  12. Niche blob builds discussion

    Yes, it is me again. Plz give your opinion on the next builds. Daredevil: Tricks >= Bountiful theft > acrobatics traitline or other stuff? Chrono: Power chrono (with a greatsword?) > old minstrel build (no SOI) > minstrel build (SOI) - Heal tempest: Earth > arcane > other traits? I play the first mentioned variant of each spec. I am not sure about the chrono build. I heard about scepter, no gs, with gs, with SOI and without... Heal tempest is on par with scrapper in the healing department, less condi clear. More CC than scrapper. Not much diff in superspeed anymore. Scrapper is still used for its reveal in GvG (I think).
  13. Hoe have you been?

  14. Basic Guidelines for new wvw players

    Think about... that was the words. but in all honesty, require player to know what to think about, so still a fair point. (No, on every server, I am NOT getting fed up with those that drain a keep, and less then 500 is drain, IF not low tier - like... THINK about... )
  15. Basic Guidelines for new wvw players

    TBH I'd rather a pug to run around with no supplies vs. if he wants to drain a just-defended keep.
  16. WvW Builds for Fun

    These builds are too advanced for my tiny brain.
  17. Basic Guidelines for new wvw players

    Staff Daredevil Guide , let me know your opinion and if you approve I will add at the post :
  18. WvW Builds for Fun

    Hey guys since our guild have updated our wvw builds, we thought that we are going to make our old ones public. These builds cover the majority of the Classes (their specs). We post these builds just for fun it is not Mandatory to use them. Do it on your own will. These builds May NOT work into the hands of most people, as well they will not fit or look good, because there is no guide how they work neither how they are used. All of the builds require Basic understanding of the class and it's abilities along with Primary stats. Most of these Builds Require at least party of three players to work as intended. Multi Signet FB Difficulty: Extremely Hard Priorities: DMG and Condi sustain; High Healing sustain; DMG Reducton sustain; Passive Healing sustain. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper Multi Rotation (dmg, aoe, heals, defense); Hard to maintain proper positioning without experience. Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Hybrid Bunker FB Difficulty: Medium Priorities: Heavy Melee DPS Burst and Condi; Healing sustain; Damage Reduction Sustain; Cleanse Sustain; CC Focus. Disadvantages: If not paying attention can get killed by Retals; Hard to maintain proper positioning without experience; Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Power Bunker DH Difficulty: Medium Priorities: Melee and Ranged Burst/DPS Sustain; Damage Reduction sustain; Fast Mobility. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper defensive rotation and proper speed boost. Power Bunker Herald Difficulty: Easy Priorities: Good Offensive boon sharing; Insane damage and condition damage Reduction sustain; Heavy Cavalry. Disadvantages: Weak condi cleanse. Multi Renegade Diffiulty: Easy Priorities: Multi Line Damage/Healing/Offensive Boon sustain; Heavy condi/damage reduction. Disadvantages: Hard Alacrity maintanance; Hard to maneuver between Melee and Range Lines; Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Yolo Ham Bubble Difficulty: Easy Priorities: Hevy Burst; Heavy CC and Boon strip; Heavy Cavalry; Good Mobility. Disadvantages: Hard to place proper bubble if inexperienced, Hard to maintain proper Self cleanse. Power Cleave Zerker Difficulty: Easy Priorities: Heavy Burst/AoE Cleave; Heavy CC Lock. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain Self Condi cleanse. Power Scourge Difficulty: Hard Priorities: Heavy aoe pressure; Party Barrier; Heavy boon strip; Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper Self cleanse and Stability; Hard to maintain proper Barrier; Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Hybrid Scourge Difficulty: Hard Priorities: Damage and Condition Damage Sustain; Party Barrier; Heavy boon strip. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper Self cleanse and Stability; Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Power Bunk Reaper Difficulty: Medium Priorities: Heave Melee Nuke; Second Life (Shroud); Enemy Boon Strip; Heavy Cleave DMG. Disadvantaes: Hard to maintain proper positioning and Self Cleanse. Melee Kite Shatterer Diffisulty: Simple Priorities: Burst Damage; Save target Cleave; Party boon improvement; Good Mobility; Easy to kite enemy bombs. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain Allied Boons and self cleanse. Miltu Tempest Difficulty: Extremely Hard Priorities: Damage Sustain; Condition Sustain; Healing Sustain; Lethal Damage Prevention. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper Skill Rotation. Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Hard to maintain proper positioning without experience. Burst Weaver Difficulty: Hard Priorities: Heavy Nuke; Fast Mobility. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper Skill rotation. Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Flank Scrapper Difficulty: Medium Priorities: Fast Target DPS; Heavy Cavalry; Party Stealth; Enemy Stealth Reveal. Disadvantages: Hard Mobility; Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Ultra Speed Yolosmith Diffisulty: Easy Priorities: Perma Self super speed; AoE Super Speed; Fast single target DPS; Hard CC Locks; Insane Mobility. Disadvantages: Can get easily Locked in CC if not cautios. Easily Overheating if not cautios. Power Bunker Druid Difficulty: Medium Priorities: Good Front/Mid/Back/Flank Line damage and healing sustain; Smoke Field for mass stealth. Disadvantages: Hard to maneuver between lines, hard to keep proper damage sustain. Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Hybrid Soulbeast Difficulty: Medium Priorities: Fast Single Target Burst; Good Survival ability; Party Stance boon/damage sustain. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper Condi damage. Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Flank Deadeye Difficulty: Hard Priorities: Fast Single Target Burst. Smoke Field for mass stealth. Disadvantages: Hard to maintain proper mobility in chokes. Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high. Fast Finisher Dare Debil Difficulty: Hard Priorities: Fast Single Target Burst; Fast Finisher. Smoke Field for mass stealth. Disadvantagtes: Hard to maintain proper mobility in chokes. Hard to keep Sigil Stacks high.
  19. ARMA+ODIN Guild Raid 31/01/19

    ARMA + ODIN , common raid during matchup against ROS and Elona Reach
  20. Hoe have you been?

    Happy my PC worked. Was real fun tonight!
  21. Hoe have you been?

    Hi Vic, Welcome back, so glad to see you back, we all missed you
  22. Hoe have you been?

    Thanks for the tips. I flashed firmware from version 009 to 070. Stable so far haha
  23. Hoe have you been?

    there was a time where leaping was a 100% suicide, the game got several patches and leaping now is possible with precautions.( enemy went in cooldown )
  24. Hoe have you been?

    some SSD may have issues retaining data after a long period without being powered. (I don't have feedback on such case but i would try to run an antivirus scan just to trigger the SSD trimmer to look at the files, or you could try an optimization of the drive which is not a fragmention optimization for windows 10) maybe your OS is upgrading and if you have an HDD you should check if its activity is not pushing up to 90% or more.(mainly is caused by upgrades or optimization tasks if you have .NET installed) sometimes troubles are caused by the sata cables, in such cases if you got some extra cables just swap them. (system powered off and discharged) the OS can be easily migrated to another SSD/HDD with Macrium Reflect, it does give you the tool to make a ghost backup as well. if you think its a mobo related issue, try to have a look at the system time on the Bios, if it uses an old date can cause issues with windows even before the clock will sync throught internet.
  25. Hoe have you been?

    Awesome! Thanks. Got my login again, now just figure out if my SSD or mobo is dying
  26. Hoe have you been?

    Scouts are still strong. We have scouting /ppt guilds that are feared by our enemies. Blue tag open, yellow tag closed guild. Purple for scouts (sometimes) red for havoc. Other colours are of course available for any of these previous purposes. Ppk awards 1 point per player kill and 2 points of you have ruins. Ppt now uses skirmishes which is two hour slots and whoever wins the skirmish gets 5 points, the second place gets 4 and third gets 3 points. One tick is 5 minutes not 15. One skirmish has 24 ticks. This makes defending a bit more important. Objectives don't use manual upgrades with supplies. Instead it relies on how many dolyaks successfully entered the objective. So protecting dolyaks have become more important. Objectives also give more points the more they are upgraded. Defense on piken is something to be proud of nowadays. Also there are reward tracks, like in pvp, that you can get through pips from participating in wvw. So actual rewards from being in wvw! No need to play pve to unlock skins.
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