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  2. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Actually closing in on Thurday again! Always happy to have new people following as well of course Everybody can learn and evolve woohoooo
  3. Great Winter [Ice] #3 - Meteor Man

    nice video
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  5. Brotherhood of Blub

    I love blub, fantastic laid back friendly guild. Guild runs at all sorts of times. You would have to join ts with us to see what I mean. Brilliant bunch. join blub!!!!
  6. I hope recruting was succesful I wish all FTW members fun and pleasure at the Battlefield!!
  7. FTW is no longer recruiting.
  8. Lol all the ppl vouching for the monkeys have monkey names. Well me too, but I'm the exception.
  9. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Thursday 18:45gmt! Why not join us at Ordo Ab [Chao] as a 'Chao Raider' Let's fight together as Pikeneers, as teammates! What's that I hear you ask? How to apply? Just contact a Chao Member! This is what you'll see on Thursdays We made a seperate rank for the people that actually only want to follow us on the raid on Thursdays, or in WvW in general. No harshness in repping etc. We are trying to run an invitational TeamSpeak only raid every Thursday. In this raid there are a few things that will have the focus. Like usually respect/healthy atmosphere Top prio one! Next to that we will focus on actually teaching people something. Small changes in rotations? Settings in-game? Positioning? Everything will be there and hopefully covered. If you are interested in becoming a Chao-Raider or a full Chao member? Let us know on the forums, in-game or through TeamSpeak. Stay focussed and happy!!
  10. If you find yourself in a downed state as a result of Yzz's puns, I will be there to rez you.
  11. Monkeys rock and always did!
  12. Great Winter [Ice]

    Looking for 1 Firebrand 1 Rev 1Scourge.
  13. Can't vouch enough for the Monkeys!!! Awesome bunch of people
  14. WvW with MI got 95% more puns in it! Also 100% more facepalms due to those same puns... we've done the maths. Also as stated above if you're interested or just curious about joining MI get in touch we'll happily bring you along for a few raids so you can test the waters.
  15. Piken Square YouTube channel -- Please subscribe to our youtube channel..... go Piken need 100+
  16. Big a Boo

  17. Piken Square YouTube channel

    36/100 atm, go piken!
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