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  2. Pin You Up!

    yay, delay! ^^
  3. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Herald is not just about fury, you can provide a lot of utilities like protection for 10 people with optimal traits, super speed while doing massive spike damage etc.. If people would know how to use super speed then pushes would be really effective
  4. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    inb4 setup don't mean shit if people can't play how they should play... comp could be perfect and people still play like shit...
  5. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I made a setup that answers to all your demands and my own opinion. I still think you don't need double heralds in a party, as 1 herald can give your whole party perma fury. They also take away spots from scourges or weavers. But if you want to run it, you can... This setup can also be used with 5 man parties.
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  7. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I would also want to try 10 man with randoms in the party but everyone running the ideal traits - which will be hard to accomplish. We are trying it out with stacked better than average players so it feels really good with endless boons esp alacrity. Would also need samples with random eb people in party like firebrands who just stack on the comm and never actually helping individuals in the party
  8. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    5 parties should be good for this comp too, the revs are the biggest change imo with the overflowing boons. Perma 25 might and fury makes such a big difference to consistent damage.
  9. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Yep, very happy that wsr got to t1 in the end. We can check what holds up and what doesn't.
  10. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I was informed many good players left Kodash, but its hard to say whether it works or not because there are never really fair fights in wvw. Anything could work as long as people support eachother and make use of their entire keyboard rather than just 12345. Party setup is only a tiny fragment of what matters, once you take everything listed under 'trash' into consideration, for example skill clickers, afkers, leechers, lazy bums, distracted ppl, ppl not on ts, and ofcourse new people.. pretty much all the rallybots in general. However as it turns out wsr is coming to t1 again, so another week to give this a try against people who do actually corrupt the boons you share to only 5 people in the party
  11. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    RE: @Alien Yeah, I understand some of the concerns and I agree to a degree. I'd like to try 5 man parties too, to have some point of reference for comparison. We've been only running 10 man variant since the patch and while we dominate quite hard, not sure if it's cuz of the comp or overall quality of Kodash. tbh I think this would work even in 5 man party set up, and with all the builds traiting for as many 10 target effects as possible, that way if you are even in near proximity of the tag, you will get tons of leftover boons. Basically, I'd like to try some different stuff yet...
  12. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I Agree, ppl don't seem to realize that we do much better with more Revs. More boons going around plus the best targeted grouped dmg with the ability to spam dat hammer 2 over and over. they get a blast/knockdown. Even 4 spellbreakers seems overkill cause most fights are over before you can use all 4, but thats alright cause the boon rip isn't too bad even with the nerfs, and ppl often use them incorrectly so i suppose it might be good to have one or 2 extra.
  13. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Since everybody these days is complaining about comm focus I can see this being an issue for the commander. As the commander is always ahead by a tiny bit, not only making himself the first target to get selected by auto targeting, he also no longer gets the barriers from scourges as these are 5 targets, and other people in the party will most likely always be closer to the scourges. Initial dmg taken will cause the commander to always be low hp. You can ofcourse discuss this is a l2p issue, because it is, but it doesn't change the fact that its almost always the case. Also to come back to what Dogg said, I imagine in a gvg setup, 20v20, 2 squads of 10 people with 5 man parties each would be the best. However this would mean the other squad is considered equal to pugs concerning boons and healing, which is why i'd say gvg only. Closed raids will not work as there will be pugs stealing boons.
  14. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Revs are definitely not overkill, and it they are it's in a good way. Even if we end up running 5 man parties you still stack revs.
  15. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Do you rly need two heralds in the party? I know almost no class can give out fury but 15 revenants seems overkill.
  16. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I do think Pope scenario, that I do believe is very interesting applies more to Yellow tag , ( Guild raids ), and White Tag , ( selected squads ). It is quite impossible to apply in Blue Tags , (open squads), where you don't do any selection and mainly manage a pug team at the best possible arranging in the best way what you have.
  17. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I don't think 5 10 man squads are in any way realistic in a practical scenario, in pug that is. There is too much of a flow of players in and out to keep up proper squads in long term.
  18. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Yeah we cannot trade Pure of Voice instead Force of Will...
  19. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Too hard to set up, dogg. But you can always try. What I saw today was a lack of chronomancers. Reworked the 10 man party system a bit.
  20. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    toally wouldnt work in practicallity - but what about running 5 ten man squads. each squad has 2 partys of 5 in somewhat traditional setup. 1 FB per pty can do a stab rota with the guard from the other party. Then all 10 man boons apply to entire squad and all 5 man ones specifically to your party (i.e. like normal). 4 of the squads run 'invisible' tag. p.s. im not convinced about favouring pure of voice over the extra heal trait.... i think the trade off is too much...
  21. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I blame Kintosz
  22. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    My few and fast inputs: All about range from Firebrands + position to each other. (Does not help how high stats you have or allies you hit when you are the only FB besides com, on a "we are 25-30" vs mapblob push, ending up with you, commander and 3 others outside of gate - rest are dead due to not moved/reacted) From what I can see quickly from system-picture Ditch 4 weawers for 2 optionals (that are, from what I can see support, support, hybrid or damage and damage), 1 Herald, 1 support. Evaluation: As alot do not know how hybrid works or what it even is, we get more FBs, then we complain we have to many of those. We then get scourges/weavers. We has BIG damage. Sorry commander, you did not call exactly where and when to put bomb, and if you did it, you did it at pace as leading a GvG. I get the idea, but from my perspective - IF change those 4 weavers, change to 1 weaver, 1 chrono, 1 scrapper, 1 herald. Why? On the spot/fly, you need more damage, scrapper (that is the hybrid) makes a few changes. Notice more sustain is needed? Oh, look, a weaver spun itself to a Tempest. I can say, that from the 10-player party setup, from what I have seen/experienced, it is fun. We farmed on entire EB at and especially IN SFR keep (without the help of addons), we faced problems outside pRoS Second EB-keep vs Kod when Kintosz overextended and got focused by at least one thief. we had sustain, a bit of damage, more sustain, even more sustain, a bit more of damage with a few kills + more downeds and then a heck alot more sustain, then we ran into cooldowns. I blame Kintosz for that wipe. And me. And enemy for doing more damage then we did. I also blame the Q so none of us could change class. We sadly had to much sustain, a looong Q and not enough Kintosz´s, I mean damage. (Now please re-read evaluation of system) I think 5 and 10-parties work, but if only have so called "half amount of wanted FB´s you trust" - put them in different parties, with people that can withstand/know how to play without a guardian give them stab. Even out the field sort of, instead of "pro-spec 2-3 parties". Worked during guardian/DH-time when used 2 guardians each party. Stab 1, the reliable one (ofc not me, as I go smoke/scout on coms orders, gets called out for not giving stab while scouting on coms order and such) Stab 2, the ones that are not seen as reliable/new/rest. When it comes to FB ranged/flank support, been around for... well, since long before DH came, so clearly nothing new there, besides the 10 targets on SyG.
  23. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    Gonna test renegade when I got time. I always found it lackluster in the past.
  24. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    I don't think anyone recorded rly. This is our comp from the patch day. Few minutes later I respec'd to renegade.
  25. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    do you have a different video? preferably on scourge or firebrand, with entire squad showing rather than just party?
  26. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    100% read chart wrong idk what my problem is
  27. 11/12 patch theorycraft

    The problem I see with 5 man parties as off now is that for push every guard has to pop SYG for reliable stab in every group. That means first push stab overstacks and everyone runs in with 25 stacks, and eventually there will be no stab source cuz F3 tome has painstakingly long CD and chrono can't compensate with signet anymore. Meanwhile 10 man setup has stable and sustainable stab rotation and actually overflows with boons in certain situations. I don't see much problems with cleansing and healing, cuz most of the cleanses and heals are targeted skills, to be efficient guard has to aim the skills on players that need it, that didn't change (almost never there is a situation where every single member of your party needs heal/cleanse). The way I see this comp work is that 2 Pure of Voice Guards and 1 SoI mesmer create 100% stab uptime with SYGs, tomes overall are a filler when u see someone from you party is struggling or there is a difficult push etc. Not saying it is 100% the optimal way to play, but we were farming Kodash RisK blobs with this setup with quite high degree of success. Even as a full glass rev I feel much more consistent sustain than in most 5 man parties before the change to SYG. It's also very fun to actually have an incentive to try something so fresh and out of the box kind of thing. Even if it doesn't stick around for melee parties, I think it's definitely the way to organize in range flank squads. EDIT1: I'd also agree that it demands higher situational awareness from guards in that scenario and you need to comp for it to generate necessary boons so the mes can SoI it around. EDIT2: @The Pope of Dope renegade is very desirable for this comp, so mesmer can SoI the alacrity, I'd say 1 rene 2 heralds for one party is pretty optimal
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