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  3. guild wars 2 obsidian sanctum (no moves or boons) 5 min 50 sec try beat my time remember no moves or boons. plz like and share
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  5. From all of US...

    For people who couldn't be bothered googling it: Olentzero is a character in Basque Christmas tradition. According to Basque traditions Olentzero comes to town late at night on the 24th of December to drop off presents for children. In some places he arrives later, for example in Ochagavía – Otsagabia on the 27th and in Ermua on the 31st.
  6. Executed are active and recruiting again We are a drama free international WvW focused guild that aim to win more fights than we lose each raid If you got a real life we are the WvW guild for you. People are fleeing the server thinking we are dead, prove the doubters and quitters wrong. Join EXE and fight on Piken Our core values: 1. Care for the pack 2. Do whatever it takes 3. give and take constructive feedback 4. Have fun, it's a game not a job 5. If you have an idea take ownership What we are looking for? Players who have fun in WvW Commanders of all types (Fight, PPT, defence etc) Active players Looking for a fresh start who won’t give up during hard raids Active players from currently inactive guilds or guilds who have moved server without you Active second account players looking for raids on Piken Why us? We have commanders Planned and spontaneous WvW raids We have players who live to win and work together No forced guild raid times No forced guild representing No guild tax Requirements A minimum of one Meta alt class for tough raids Join TS / discord when joining our raids Want to sign up contact? Red: MR REDMIST.3642 Kojaka: Henris.2631 Ara: Araewan Belania.3067 Octo: OctopusX.7185 Typhoon: TheTyfoon.3728 Or send a message to SOFAKING RED on discord
  7. Piken's One/Two class raid

    Message by Ruthless from Discord: Hi everyone, after a rather successful ranger only raid and KINDA successful warrior raid (LOL). The turnouts have been absolutely amazing and I am so pleased to see people turning up and enjoying the raids, so on that note, I am happy to tell you, that the voting for the next class for the raid is now OPEN. We came across a rather big issue that needs to be rectified though. Every raid will have a standard one or two guardians per party, as we found with the warrior raid, our sustain was absolutely shit and a lot of people seemed to like the suggestion of having a FIREBRAND or HEALING class within the group. The raid will be in two weeks from now, so not this coming weekend but the weekend after, this would be 11/01/2020. It'll be 19:00 UK time. Voting will close 04/01/2020. I wish EVERYONE a HAPPY new year Please vote by reacting to this post with the CLASS that you'd like to see in the next raid, I will start us off. (There will be no limitation, so warrior = any emoji, firebrand = any emoji and so on.) ONCE VOTING HAS CLOSED 4/01 MIDNIGHT , MORE INFORMATION WILL FOLLOW SUCH AS BUILDS AND MAP.
  8. Monday raid 01st Nov 2019 with [Chao] commander Zvifty
  9. From all of US...

    Zorionak! (Merry xmass in euskera)
  10. From all of US...

    A little bit of coal for sure :-) :-)
  11. From all of US...

    I hope La Befana brings you something nice, Duca. :D
  12. From all of US...

    Hi Brio and All very Dear Piken friends, I wish you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Duca
  13. From all of US...

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas, Winterdays and a Happy new Year ^__^// Thanks for telling me Brio ^__^
  14. From all of US... rest of WvW that do not read this. We wish you Merry Wintersdays and Happy New Year I reached out in greeting way and from all other servers and guilds, we on Piken, are wished Merry Wintersday, Holidays and New Year!
  15. Kojaka [EXE] tags up yet again

    You tired of wiping all over the place? Are you sad KISS left? Do you want to join semi decent commander??? We got place and time 4 u!! Our lad Kojaka is taggin up on tuesday, round 20.00 CET (19UK) time. Join in as he wipes everything with support of his few lads!
  16. So why not send me a PM?
  17. Find yourself unverified suddenly?

    None of the above.
  18. GoodBye Piken

    Have a good time and good rl
  19. Legendary KOJAKA [EXE] tags up again!

    Kojaka tagging up, round 20.00 uk time. Open tag with TS focus, but not required to join/speak. He’s also bringing some of the remaining [EXE] guildies to back him up. Big focus on sustain and spike dmg, therefore necros and fbs are most welcome.
  20. =^..^= ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ Music credits to ICZER 3 80's anime music. I never monetized my videos cause music is 50% of what's happening in game. Much respect for the people leading and supporting me (and my changing moods) in these battles. Be it guilds, commanders, people fighting alongside, even enemies being fair. We are a great community, wvw is a constant source of fun and also a manner to redirect me when I feel overwhelmed by rl, and I know it helps many of us dealing with our stuff. You are also the best english academy.
  21. OmegaLuL VG is back @Vayle

  23. Was planning on getting back in game, but my builds are obsolete...

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