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  4. New hidden TAG

    I think a Blue, Green and Red tag never should hide, cause we need ppl at our maps. Tags to hide could be Pink, Purple, Orange, White or Yellow.
  5. New hidden TAG

    Grimleiv , I do agree with you. My proposal it is that Blu Tag never go hide and the other Tags if go hide, whisp at Blu Comm so that he is aware of their presence.
  6. New hidden TAG

    Might also just be there is noone tagged up? Not necessarily an invisible one Great way of hiding from trolls tho
  7. New hidden TAG

    Now we got hidden tag.. it's really nice. At least i thought that at first But then i see, no tags anymore. People log in, look for tag, log out. Just a tag to follow. Hidden tag is nice, ya, but i think for server it's bad.. Lovely for our community, but.. lack of players.. witch we already lack.. hehe? What do you think? Might be something to talk about next server meeting? Grim
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  9. Pro's reset raid

  10. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    We always look for a new friendly face to join us! We're friendly, chilled and don't mind teaching you the ways of WvW, we have much knowledge to go around. Ofc WvW veterans are very welcome and would love to see ya join us We raid WvW officially two days: Monday + Thursday at 18.45 UK time - mandatory if in game at raid time. We appear at reset for defense and have a steady morning group. ^There is also weekly PvE raids, fractals, missions and other events We have different in-house training programs for WvW and PvE. All classes are welcome Our focus is on enjoying the game and spreading some good vibes, join us :D Check out our guild forum for more info about rules, schedules, etc. Contact: Kaylee -Shizuma.8179 (Leader) Poot - drhpooner.9024 (leader) Krall - lordkrall.7241 (Recruitment officer) Our guild listing on piken guild section
  11. (blub) Brotherhood of blub

    wvw Dedicated guild runs small havoc fun active raids most days in wvw. We run everyday in wvw solo roaming to havoc squads, we welcome multi guild so when your main guild is not running feel free to join blub on the battlefields and have fun with us as we take our enemy down. We have fun and laughter and we also do some serious annoyance to the enemy. Join blub and you can be sure of a big welcome and we support new and experienced players. Join blub today and be sure you are doing your part to help our server! Piken Square. / omegazone.9254 Guild Leader for details / or ask in game whenever you see a blub member on the battlefield JUST DO IT
  12. ODIN Fingering Gandara Green snots & SFR 12/08

    GG , great video
  13. open trainings

    hello everyone we will have open training for server every week:D
  14. Server links and registering concern

    After all those actions , Piken it was open for nearly two weeks so we have been able to get some of our guild members back. Now, since two weeks it is full again. Concerns about how is calculate from Piken the population remain but at least as short term with the server opening we could be able to recover.
  15. Server links and registering concern

    Has there been a update to this or was it given up on?
  16. ODIN 25/07/2019

    Lootbag Funfest
  17. PSTG

  18. KISS WvW raid

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