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  3. Oldschool Frontline Commander Back in Action
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  6. Blend Wars 2 - WvW Renegade&Herald Gameplay

    Renegade cant spike like herald, cuz no buffs from upkeep points. Its good to learn how Renegade works, but now Herald with Dragon and Dwarf is better. I just record it before change. Imho stricte power backline herald is too squishy for objective fights, like towers etc. Retribution spec give more sustain for you and for party. And...superspeed from dragon stance is great when u need to push.
  7. Hahahaa great stuff in there Koie! Wish I was so good with that
  8. This was the intro i made for this video, one of my first days in Piken.
  9. A collage I made And my forum signature...
  10. Heyo there! I'd like to see event ads or other media created for present and past events. If someone wants to advertise an event post here and will try help with something.
  11. Blend Wars 2 - WvW Renegade&Herald Gameplay

    Hmm... might have to try demon/dwarf. but I like the numbers I get from Dragon and the ability to chase ppl with Shiro.
  12. And another video. Finally with only firebrand gameplay and some epic battle music
  13. until
    The Thursday evening raid hosted by Chao! TeamSpeak only 18:45uk time, usually running for at least 2 hours
  14. "The Way of the Warrior" Shoutbreaker POV

    i need to try this :D
  15. GW2 WvW "We're All We Need"

    Good to see the brigade still in action
  16. Brotherhood of Blub Join Blub while we are still recruiting before it is too late! oh we have fun
  17. Goodbye everyone <3

    Cya when you get back Grim
  18. Goodbye everyone <3

    See ya in the battleground! Safe journeys.
  19. Battleforged Warband [RAGE]

    Hi Pikeneers! About RAGE We are an small WvW Guild looking to expand our roster. Some of us have raided together back in 2014, after that time most of us have been in (Hardcore) Raiding Guilds aswell. We found our way back together and want to start having closed Guild Raids under the RAGE tag. What are we looking for? We are looking for active players, that are willing to improve as an player and as an Guild. As we will be a smaller WvW group, we expect the full focus of the Raiders during the Guild Raids. Guild Builds will be part of this as well (to a extend). We are open to theory crafting to get the most optimal Builds for the Raids. What can RAGE offer you? A nice atmosphere to raid in, at first it will be small group sized Raids, as we lack the Raiders at the moment. When our roster grows in size we will have a set of Raid days. We don't want to ball up, we want each player to Raid at their best. This is most achievable in a smaller Raid Group (XX15/XX19 people) Open tags and fun events Loot bags No drama, no salt, just good fights Fun Getting these members can be a slow process, at the moment RAGE will offer: Open Tags, Small group roaming, 1vs1's. Guild Rules To be fully accepted into the Guild, you need to be registered at This is an drama free Guild; drama will not be tolerated. Be over 18. Final Note Currently looking for: Spellbreakers Scourges Revenants Weavers Firebrands Mesmers Are you an exceptional player, knowing you can bring something towards the squad on a class not listed above? Let us know as well. To join, you can whisper me in-game (sacredninja.5236) or apply at
  20. Goodbye everyone <3

    Good luck man, see you on the battlefield! Much love Mask
  21. Goodbye everyone <3

    Enjoy it Nibbler There is always space for the friendly people like yourself on Piken
  22. Fights from a recent raid - sorry i dont do fancy video graphics
  23. Goodbye everyone <3

    good luck man - yep Guilds come and go - not to many that stay around when the going gets tough! lucky for Piken they do have a decent back bone of guilds who stay the task! so go Piken \o/
  24. Goodbye everyone <3

    Have a nice stay and see you soon back at Piken. My experience is that every guild that left a server to join another server the guild will destroy itself in a few weeks/months. And its not the first time Stikko left a server.
  25. Goodbye everyone <3

    Wish you a nice time at AG Nibbler and if you wanne come Home (back) your always welcome! chimpz!
  26. Goodbye everyone <3

    have a nice trip to Ag and a save return to piken after your vacations
  27. Goodbye everyone <3

    o/ see you nibbler... no mercy!
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