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  2. What is your Guild up to?

    HvoC is Mask and he is still carrying this server. We should attempt to carry our own weight as his Godly back is beginning to get sore. You dont wanna know what happens if a gods back gives out... also Mask joined KISS as Piken doesn't have any space for Roamers/too many small guilds/piken is full and cant support and good roamers-gankers to join Mask. If at any point all the plebs with Alt accounts here just to scout piken while having most of their play time on a bandwagon server, fuck off at any point and piken isnt full i might open up HvoC if we can get some Fresh meat. much love Mask
  3. Phalànx [Pike] - recruiting!

    It's been now about 2 months since we started with a very small group, and we have grown to a decent amount of people by now. Guild raids have become more frequent aswell. We are currently looking for a few people who can make it especially on Monday's and Thursday's raid. Especially looking for a Scrapper and a few Scourges. Hope to see you on the battefield!
  4. What is your Guild up to?

    Exactly , if you see Jazz closed with “ food for thoughts “ and from this topic we got something to think and we improved. However none and ever I believe in this community where respect it is an absolute value will push at the limit , we consider diversity and collaboration key values.
  5. What is your Guild up to?

    As Ducca said at the time it was relevant, now we have two guilds extra primetime guilds that can put out 15+ people, and they do open Blue tags (ie- PSTG &PIKE) This has made a massive improvement to the server in terms of co-ordination and training within those guilds. I fully understand your position, And I appreciate the positive that came from that post with the two guilds emerging, as Piken really needed it. These guilds have added value to the server, not detracted it
  6. What is your Guild up to?

    You are definetely right Mattheo, but I know what Jazz means here. At the time of this topic, there were quite some people looking for a guild who were still in several of the guilds he mentioned (not all) or were using the [PS] tag. Jazz pointed out that it would be good if some of these people could merge. Now, I know he didn't put the emphasis on the word some, but it should probably be pointed out that it is there. You are both right in this case.
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  8. What is your Guild up to?

    Please don't push this too hard. As a commander of a guild that is also small with very different play time goals, I can say with absolute certainty this can corrode a community. Nothing shows appreciation like "join our blob loser, we needs numbers". I'm not trying to be toxic, but I do strongly disagree on the premise that as soon you assimilate these guys into the Voltron, we won't have scouts anymore. We lose roamers. No more siege protectors/builders. We increase burnout by pushing the "play like me". It's an old post it seems, but I really hope if someone gets greedy for T1, they revisit this. There's nothing wrong with helping your server's raid guilds' numbers, or creating community raid teams, but keep in mind where these numbers come from. Thanks for your consideration
  9. ODIN Kills a Blob in under 2mins

    Great stuff!
  10. Old management retired (By their own free will!) and out of respect for IM we decided to start fresh with MI. So IM never split up we just changed name.
  11. How to Kill a full blob in Less than 2 mins Ooodin FTW
  12. Soo, I might have just gotten back after.. like.. 3 years of going AWOL... Inner Monkey has now split up and we now also have Monkey Interference? What is the difference between the two guilds? Help :D
  13. Amazing to hear! Welcome back!
  14. After a long time... It's finally happening! [Ruin] is back in action to assist Piken's night crew, as we strive to defend our objectives. Raiding days are scheduled as Thursday - 18:00 (Central US) Friday - 13:00 (Central US) Sunday - 18:00 (Central US) Classes needed: Due to our varying numbers and returning players all classes are welcome Requirements: Teamspeak and Discord will be necessary for raids, as well as an introductory interview. During the interview, you will be asked a series of questions to determine if [Ruin] is right for you, which will include your goals, play hours, personality, and builds. To inquire more about [Ruin], feel free to message [Ruin] leader: Matthéo @ acdspydar.8920
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  16. What is your Guild up to?

    a bit late to react to the post, just noticed. when i feel like it and see the numbers are okay, i have started to merge guilds and bring them together for guild raids. atm trying to do 1 raid a week with NUKE, PSTG and ScS. we get around 20 people. if other guilds are interested in this, pls let me know
  17. MI Summer Karaoke

    MI Open Summer Karaoke/Anniversary
  18. ODIN

    Problem gene-rating blob busting skillz
  19. ODIN

    sad panda. if you dont provide a video url then of course there will be a problem embeding the video.
  20. ODIN

    @Rosh it looks Jazz has issues in embedding the video
  21. ODIN

  22. Pro's Friday Raid

  23. Ciao!


    1. Chimpz


      Hi m8 :) i go sleep tried as hard as i could but made no difference!

    2. red loelach

      red loelach

      Hi Champion
      It was a though night, I could stay only to 3:30 (should be 3 , I was late at work) , but it made no difference; at least we took Hamm one time...

      This matchup will be won in the night, or - better - second place between us and germans will depend on nights.
      Hope someone more can support

      See you next night!


    3. Chimpz


      Hey Red :) yes thats all to true! That other new tag he could be very important as ppl need a leader. He was new right?!

      But he needs to learn to communicate with the map&the ppl :)


  24. Phalànx [Pike] - recruiting!

    I do know that the tag is not something new on Piken Square, but still I wanted to go for that tag. I wanted a tag that shows that we are Piken Square. We are from and for Piken, with the intention to someday become that good. Howlong will it take? Hard to say, depends on a lot of factor. I have currently a strong core of people that I am content with and want the same thing as me: make Piken a better place, and do it together. Thank you all to the best wishes. I have a lot of motivation for this guild, with the rest of my team. Although the tag is the same, we are a different guild with maybe some same intentions aswell.
  25. Phalànx [Pike] - recruiting!

    No offens btw Exo, i wish you all the best with the guild and your intention with this. I hope your guild became as good as the old one.
  26. Phalànx [Pike] - recruiting!

    Wish you the best of luck (to not have to repeat basics everyday to same ppl like below mentioned coms - besides the loot). As Axel wrote - Pike (old one), compete with that, might require a com that is a mix of Oni, Roy, Evil, Kojaka (Henry), Jin and ofc, Kuper.
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