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  4. Blub Brotherhood of blub

    Recruiting... One Of Piken Square's Original Guilds - Join Us Today! BE ORIGINAL! Blub - is 20+ years old playing multi platform gaming from original guild wars to call of duty!, with 5+ years here on Piken Square playing gw2. Join The history of Blub! Learn everything wvw, we accept anyone from new to veteran players and encourage anyone to join we allow multi rep but the more you rep us the more you get from the guild! JUST DO IT ! Omegazone.9254
  5. Ordo Ab [Chao]

    Ordo Ab Chao We’re a friendly guild building an active roster. A good atmosphere and attitude is important for us as we’re in for the long run (guild is 3y old so far). We have Guild WvW Raids on Monday and Thursday evenings. If in-game= join raid. Poot runs defence squad on homebl on reset. We have a havoc raid every Saturday evening. We also offer weekly pve raids, guild meeting, random havoc and other events, they’re not mandatory. To join Guild you need to: • 18+ y old • On Piken or current linked server • Have a chat with one of the officers • Apply to our guild forum • Be active and friendly • Go through a 2 month trial period, after period ends rank up/out gets voted on officers meeting We offer: • A busy but steady weekly schedule • Several different commanders in wvw • A good environment • Opportunity to learn and practice Things to know: (our forum): - We don’t expect excellent playing skills, however we expect a certain degree of activity and behaviour. - We keep our roaster clean, inactivity results in removal from guild. - We have zero tolerance for drama - We always use TS for our WvW raids - We use Guild builds - We take in new players as well as veterans - We normally raid with 20+ players We're looking for people wanting to be a part of a team. we dont need or want a big roster, we want active players, friends. For more info, contact recruitment officer lordkrall.7241 or Guild leader: Shizuma.8179
  6. Executed are recruiting We are a international WvW focused guild that aim to win more fights than we lose each raid - If you got a real life we are the WvW guild for you, -Join EXE and fight on Piken. Our core values: 1. Care for the pack 2. Do whatever it takes 3. Give and take constructive feedback 4. Have fun, it's a game not a job 5. If you have ideas take ownership. What we are looking for? Players who have fun in WvW Commanders of all types(Fight, PPT, defence etc) (can be with little exp aswell), -Active loyal players looking for a fresh start who won’t give up during hard raids, -exp veterans. Why us? -We have players who live to win and work together, -No guild tax, -Loyal to server (sticking with Piken), -Group of players you can play with, -No Flagor to shout at you. Requirements -A minimum of one Meta class for tough raids(including running guild build) -Join TS / discord when joining our raids -represent [EXE] when guild raid is on Want to sign up contact? Faces: masterofmind.3624 Hawk: Hawkeye.9687 Octo: OctopusX.7185 Rod: Rod.6581 Traj: Trajano.6829 or ask an EXE member on discord. don't delay, join [EXE] today!
  7. Piken Square WVW performance

    Hey @Rapid_Sausage , x Well as far as Guilds go they are all doing there very best imo! For my Guild - i can only say - We (blub guild) Run daily and are happy to allow anyone to join us, we try our very best and support our Piken server as much as we can! We also havoc and open tag! We try to help new players to the game with support and advice on defence and offence, siege placements tactics etc! and recommend ts, Discord and forum information to all! I can not comment on other guilds but i am sure they may wish to add there thoughts to this too! The game is 8 years old and over this time lots of things have changed ! Reset and Sunday coffee raids are always way more busy with people , Rl, Covid-19, work etc all factor into this too! Mornings and early Evenings Piken does what it can and there are a lot of dedicated players whom do there best! But all we can do is Stomp For Piken ! Omegazone
  8. Piken Square WVW performance

    Hello all, I'm a long time Pikeneer and i've been through several guild mass exoduses (exodusi?) away from the server and onto others (i'm still bitter about Gandara getting stacked back in the day). I've been away for about a year and decided to come back, only to be shocked at how far we've dropped in WvW ranking and activity, we used to match with T2 and T1, now we've been in T4 consistently for the past several months, not to mention the lack of public tags, and closed tags that have shrunk in size considerably, TS is now nearly empty on primetime and i'm just lost. What happened?, i know we weren't the creme of the crop but we weren't pushovers either, what happened to the guilds?, where're the 30+ man tags?, where did all the guilds go and why?
  9. Survey please!!! Lootboxes!

    Done !
  10. Survey please!!! Lootboxes!

    From this article: Hi, can we call this out please? If we could share this to other large forums too, it could actually change one of the most negative aspects of modern gaming. The UK government is asking for: Video games players aged 16+ and adults responsible for children and young people who play video games; and Video games businesses, and researchers and organisations interested in video games and loot boxes. To provide feedback on their experiences with Lootboxes in videogames. If you want changes to predatory monetization in video games, THIS IS WHERE YOU ACT. The details around the call for evidence the government are asking for are here: This consultation opens at midday on 23 September 2020 It closes at 11:59pm on 22 November 2020 The submission form is here:
  11. The Hammer Crew [RED] is moving to Piken

    Welcome to Piken
  12. The Hammer Crew [RED] is moving to Piken

    Look forward to seeing some fresh faces, hope that name of yours implies a lot of hammer stuns are going yelled in pug raids :).
  13. The Hammer Crew [RED] is moving to Piken

    Welcome, i shared this message as printscreen on discord also.
  14. We will move from Desolation to Piken by the end of this Week (friday reset). Gonna be at the servermeeting o/
  15. I've just sent you a message
  16. Is MI still recruiting? I am interested in joining 🙊
  17. Back on Piken

  18. Fights with JD, RC, LDN, thiK, DORN Song Names: Stellaris Soundtrack - Faster Than Light (feat. Mia Stegmar)
  19. Does the video work for you? Link is right, but page doesn't load it (tried in mozilla n opera) Leaving the link in any case... koie raid nights s08e01 - backToRaids - for Bass =^..^= #1440p #gw2 #wvw #chao #pikenSquare
  20. Back to wvw after 3 months, now more chill than ever, not commiting to regular raid schedules but once weekly for sure. Big thanks to CHAO guild for being so warm and welcoming, and also to my guild mates from MM and people from Piken Square for their support, even not being in game for these 3 months. Video is dedicated to my good boy Bass, passed at age 11 after a joyful life, my family was blessed to have you with us all these years, every day. No one expected a deaf shepperd doggo to be that extraordinary. RIP friend, we stay here a bit more celebrating life. ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ Strung out - Calling Lagwagon - One more song Nightwish- Wishmaster Pennywise - Bro hymn
  21. Just hope u keeping yourself safe Chimpzz

    1. Chimpz


      Thanks Golden ;) with cystic fibrosis thats needed big *hugs* hope you stay safe to and your dear ones.


  23. Giving this a bump since MI is still recruiting. Be a decent person, family friendlyish language and 100% rep. For the recruitment process we usually let people join a few of our raids first to see if it works out personalitywise.
  24. Ordo Ab [Chao]

  25. Canidae [FTW]

    Greetings! Our pack of wolves, foxes, jackals and hyaenas could use a little plumping out again, thus recruiting is open! We are basically a stable, active and chilled guild who has been around for 4 years now. Cross-repping is fine as we like to make sure we support the server and allow for people to have wvw things to do at all hours if they wish! We are looking for people to add to our guild who fit the following criteria: Willing to attend 2 set guild raids per weekend. [These are off-peak around lunchtimes for around 2 hours. Lindos also does open tag leads during reset and prime times and also appreciates guild support when possible. Orval leads early morning open "clean-up" squads over the weekends. Pope leads guild raids most weekends.] Willing to run builds that the guild prescribes. Willing to learn and improve your play. Willing to use TS3 for all guild and raid activities. Willing to join our Canidae [FTW] discord for camaraderie and discussions. Willing to foster and contribute to a healthy atmosphere in guild and for the server. We are looking for professions that are essential for good raid composition: Guardians, Warriors, Necros, Revenants, Scrapper, specialist Mesmer (and whatever the new meta brings!) Even better if you have alternative professions you feel comfortable playing or wish to learn. Overall all, we are looking for people who fit the above criteria and also have a good sense of team spirit and loyalty to the group. Induction into Guild is a 2-step process. Step 1 will be a trial period (1-2 weeks) until criteria met for guild requirements. we get to know each other a bit better and make sure if feels like a good fit for us and you. Step 2 is full membership based on attitude, commitment to the above, and commitment to learning decent performance. Interested in joining the pack? We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Doas (Terrier.8732) or Lindos (Lindos.9803) in game for a chat.
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