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Message by Ruthless from Discord: Hi everyone, after a rather successful ranger only raid and KINDA successful warrior raid (LOL). The turnouts have been absolutely amazing and I am so pleased to see people turning up and enjoying the raids, so on that note, I am happy to tell you, that the voting for the next class for the raid is now OPEN.

We came across a rather big issue that needs to be rectified though.
Every raid will have a standard one or two guardians per party, as we found with the warrior raid, our sustain was absolutely shit and a lot of people seemed to like the suggestion of having a FIREBRAND or HEALING class within the group.

The raid will be in two weeks from now, so not this coming weekend but the weekend after, this would be 11/01/2020. It'll be 19:00 UK time. Voting will close 04/01/2020. I wish EVERYONE a HAPPY new year :) Please vote by reacting to this post with the CLASS that you'd like to see in the next raid, I will start us off. (There will be no limitation, so warrior = any emoji, firebrand = any emoji and so on.) ONCE VOTING HAS CLOSED  4/01 MIDNIGHT , MORE INFORMATION WILL FOLLOW SUCH AS BUILDS AND MAP.

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