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    Tue, 25. May 06:00 - Tue, 25. May 08:00

    This event repeats every day forever

    The successor for the infamous Eagle raids. We have been running for several months now. If getting up on Saturday is not your thing, we have a Sunday morning raid too lead by a great commander.
    Open WvW raid. Everyone is welcome, any class is welcome too. The raid mostly starts out with roaming classes and evolves in a more fight oriented group. There will be opportunities to swap chars.
    7am CET - 9 am CET are the general hours. Sometimes we start a bit early and sometimes we run a bit longer. 
    We will be on ts, most of the times on the mobile alfa channel. Ts is not mandatory but much appreciated.
    Purpose: PPT. Recap and upgrade home border, downgrade other borders. 
    Scouts are welcome to join and will get squad participation (if possible). The squad will hop to defend non-paper structures if and when we receive good scouting reports.
    Commanders: Orval. I hope to add the names of some capable Chao members who are part of the usual raid composition. New commanders who want to try out are welcome to be guest commander. 
    Pecularities: we (not the commander alone) have a strong dislike for eb. Rangers are welcome (although I will joke about them).

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    Tue, 25. May 18:00 - Tue, 25. May 20:00

    This event repeats every 2 days forever

    Open server WvW training .
    Explaining the basics of WvW in a public Run.
    Held every Wednesday night.
    Held by PTSG

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