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  2. 10 man party setup

    In short, with 10 people vs any amount of enemy Players that are where they are supposed to be. Players doing damage/boonstrip/boon slash heal up/be where they are supposed to be I have been part of wiping, with Onyx, 15+ coordinated guild groups, with 5 ppl in a party - due to, and I quote, Mortarion - one of gw2´s best engi´s - 'we had a support guardian with us'. And yes, this was before changes to all classes (Edit, can mean today we would possibly wipe even bigger numbers then those written) Edit2: Comes down to group confident that all other do what they are supposed to do, in reaction to what happens around, without a commander 'tell em what to do', players simply react - and stuff happens - and all then react after that.
  3. 10 man party setup

    How big is your group? Only use 10man setup if your FB's coordinate SYG 1 and 2. This is something I made a while ago for blob setup, so maybe outdated. Heavy on scrapper. You can run more weaver and spb's if you like.
  4. 10 man party setup

    Hi all, Most of these nights we find ourselves playing with a 10 man squad, so I was wondering what do you guys think is the best setup for a closed 10 player squad?
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  6. ODIN

    ODIN recruiting 3 to 4 Dedicated wVw Players that can RAID Mon & Thurs 7pm-9pm (uk time) were looking for FB/Power Rev/Scourge/Tempest or mesmers, so if you can run any of those were interested in you, we do regular training sessions (mainly on Thursdays) We also run White Ts Tag only groups almost Every morning as well, which are more casual,as well as reset groups and a number of adhoc groups when needed. We have our own Ts, but try to use Piken's as much as possible, we have a guild discord which is for messaging and discussions, we have tried and tested guild builds for people to work towards. Our rules are simple - a) 100% Rep (in WVW Only) b) Mon/Thurs raid nights IF online ALL raid c) TS Essential for raid nights
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  8. The fight lasted at least 30 min. This is only a small portion
  9. Server links and registering concern

    I feel your pain on the server for this matter as I am trying to get into piken and have the pain from the outside. I have watched all other servers open up and waited for the relink to join the linked server. No link yikes. All other servers being open recently and getting massive boosts from it.. yikes. It does seem very unfair for piken and I am not just saying this because I am waiting to move.. you have lost 4 places through no fault of your own and are having to work overtime against the matchups for the next 2 months. This whole situation is very sour. I am still stuck on N/A server Sanctum of Rall
  10. As someone waiting to get on Piken and annoyed at piken not getting linked I added my comment., I have been watching while whiteside and underworld have been opened for transfer. It seems unfair piken has not yet been opened, is unlinked and getting hammered on stats for wvw activity. That said you did a bloody good job of coming second in last weeks matchup to whiteside who have jumped massively from being open. This weeks matchup is going to be horrible gunnars hold has also made a massive leap from being open recently.. 11th -4 Piken Square --- falling 4 places due to not being linked or open for transfers is a screw you from anet.
  11. Server links and registering concern

    Thanks for correcting me :-) In that case there is nothing to disagree with :-) Yea, if people are members of WvW guild and they are running in WvW with open tag, they should join it and go as an example for others.
  12. Server links and registering concern

    She wasn't implying that guilds should stop their guilds raids and join open tag, but that when there's an open tag everyone should join the tag if they are following the tag, and that it's players from raiding guilds that should carry open tag and not pugs.
  13. Server links and registering concern

    Well you are right in most things. Like during the prime times, it is often like 2-3 smaller closed tags on one map fighting one big blob. And it is quite hard to coordinate 3 tags. But yea, at the same time, you have mostly only 1 open tag online during prime times (not counting reset night) and sometimes you dont have event that one open. But i still understand the guild wants to run guild raids few times a week, wanted to coordinate with their build, with their guildmates. So i dont think it is possible to get people from closed tags together to one tag that would fight enemy blobs. So i think we could encourage people that are doing closed tags just because they dont want to follow current open tag commander, but i do not think it is to many cases. Mostly the tags i see are actually guild raids. So if we want to get more people to open tags we have two sources - encourage guild members to join open tags when we do not have guild raids even if it is commanding someone not so popular in the guild (which was already suggested few times before) and continue to convince the "greenies" running around tags to join TS and open tag. But not with just saying join the tag and TS. They need to see the benefits, so advertise the bonuses (less death, more kills, more lootbags, more xp, more fun, quicker learning to proper play your class) For example we as a guild have guild raids 2 times a week for 2 hours, but other than that we are mostly joining other open tags or we are open to join other tags on the border for greater good, like with Duca few days ago. He was running open on border with like 7 people, I had guild tag with 7-8 people, so we all agreed that we disband our group and join duca and it was really fun :-) Even tho we still loose some fights cause of still low numbers we had a great time and was nice night :-)
  14. Server links and registering concern

    Ah darn I got the guild letters mixed up with PSTG and PTSD...
  15. Some fights we have on Saturday raid with a guild
  16. Some stuff recorded during WvW raids with Chao guild.
  17. I am guildleader of PTSD.
  18. Server links and registering concern

    So errm are you an officer in PTSG?
  19. Server links and registering concern

    I fully agree Francesca , may be we should discuss at least during summer period to join most of the Tag if possible during prime time.
  20. Server links and registering concern

    @Matthéo got me right. I had friends on link as well and I can understand your effort into getting your guildies back. Truth is we probably have enough wvw play hours to be considered full. We may just have more coverage during off peak time and we suffer during prime time when most server have a blob. Chances they will open the server to make you happy are close to 0 but a try is always worth it. I just wish all those guild leaders putting their strengths together into this or in those weekly meetings, could put same effort into "educating" their people and be an example for the server. That time of "if you don't like a commander you can go follow another in a different map" is GONE (long ago). We have enough people to have at least a full squad in prime time. We don't need a rainbow of tag in a map. Not in prime time. We can't afford more than a tag atm. How many times do you write in your guild chat "hey, XXYY is tagging, let's go carry him" . Most of the time I bet it's: "we don't like him...let's go closed do our own stuff". But again just my thoughts. The majority of people here just care to end up first in the mu.
  21. Full Server and No Linked one - Guilds Broken - Are you looking for a solution ? Duca di Ebonhawke 8:39AM Dear Anet , I made a post some days ago about a proposal of " golden share " . In this post I have put at your attention the fact that due to not linked server many guilds are "broken" having the majorities of their members in the full server not linked but also other that have been in the linked and now cannot join. Considering that move all the guild out from the full , it's just a theoretical solution but not possible to do for those reason : 1) People enjoy the community where they are and do not want to move , 2) It's not easy to convince over 50+ players to spend gems for going in a server that in few months could have the same issue 3) People played for years in the same server and don't want to lose contact with other long time server players and if summarize all the points mentioned it is clear that there is no way to move and frankly it is really unfair. I have seen many discussion in those days in this forum and also reddit about with many players having the same issue . I am kindly asking and would like to see an answer , ( not just closed the topic like it has been done with " golden share " ), if you are looking at least for a temporary solution like for example to open for 24h the servers full so that guilds member can join their community. Thanks for your attention and I hope reply. Below the link : Feel free to add your comments and let see
  22. Server links and registering concern

    Hi and thank you Duca and Ducky. Nice post on reddit. I added to it. Please get over there, upvote Duca, Ducky and Coffee and downvote Etheri (he's just promoting his salt mine, like always). Pikeneer here, so maybe a bit biased, but trying to be objective. First of all, Kodash is getting hit hard by this. A couple of months ago they had good coverage and a nice prime time blob. At the moment they have neither. WSR even made their eb keep t3 this morning. No way Kodash can or should be a full server. Piken has more coverage, with some Oceanic/Aussi guilds, but come prime time we are heavily outnumberd, both in quality and quantity. Now the bandwagoners have left Piken, we're down to our community commanders, who are doing the best working with the material they've got. Since I don't play/tag during prime time that works entirely fine for me, I can play with my friends and fight other groups, win some, lose some. I do notice that locking servers and denying them a link makes it impossible for a lot of people to be unable to play with their friends or guildies. 'Transfer to another server', some say. That costs gold/gems and you have the risk your returning players get locked out when a bandwagon happens. Furthermore it disrupts the entire WvW population, causing shockwaves affecting all servers (prime example Vabbi going from t5 tot t1 to t5 again, creating bad matchups all over or RTK leaving BB for UW, making UW a strong off prime server and weakening BB, so one guild have a big effect). My recommendations for Anet: Make alliances your prime objective for WvW. We don't need a 'core swap' or whatever event. We need an overhaul to WvW server mechanics. Be transparent in the way you build up those alliances, like you should be (have been) transparent in the criteria for determining the server status. Ask feedback from communities and guilds. Of course certain groups will game those criteria, but you can always adjust. Having unlimited server transfers encouraged people/guilds to transfer often, resulting in bandwagoning. That's a nice money grab, but weakens the community building and results in players quitting sooner. If alliances are far off (and I guess they still are), you should consider to give the servers a temporary fix (if technically possible). And most of all... communicate. Locking the topic on the official forums... sigh... We all want a thriving WvW community (well I hope so) and for this we need to work together, players, Anet, communities, guilds, bandwagoners, ...
  23. Server links and registering concern

    Answer received by the support team. It's the same Jazz got few days ago : GM Onesimus Hey .......... Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your own, as well as your server's, concerns about the current state of their WvW experiences. While we at support are unable to truly do anything in regards to this matter, we have found that the best way for the Development team to gather and review player feedback and suggestions is through the official forums. We ask and encourage you and your server to post your concerns in our forums: Members of the Development Team read the forums daily, and while they usually cannot respond to individual suggestions, the fact that team members can review those suggestions in a public forum helps them gauge the level of interest in a particular idea, and also allows other players to discuss and offer feedback of their own. I am certain that there are many other players that share your concerns about this matter, so posting on the forums will get the conversation started and allow the dev team to see how it impacts everyone. I do apologize that we were unable to truly assist in this matter, but I do hope that you see a change soon. Thank you for your time. Regards, GM Onesimus Guild Wars 2 Support Team
  24. Server links and registering concern

    I think the green pugs thing was to point out that there's a large percentage of greens who are in dedicated WvW guilds who act all brain afk and don't stay on tag/push with tag/run away from hard fights due to [insert personal reason]. The "greenies" who are blamed for being dead weight are often following examples shown to them by "skilled" players. Let's be real, if you follow an unpopular commander who says "push!" And 10 ppl scatter and jump out of an objective, will you still push with commander? Most of the time not, and I see it more the later it gets. I agree with the sentiment Chimpz had a couple of days ago... We (the coordinated and knowledgeable WvW base) should be more involved with demonstrating what to do and what not to do. Otherwise, we will be a blob of puggles until a guild raid goes, and the WvW skilled players will brain afk in public zerg instead of acting like public zerg is the chance to show Piken's full flavored community... In conclusion, either we treat every tag like they deserve to be a good commander, or we bail on tags we're unsure about/dislike forever to avoid giving the wrong idea to uncoordinated/no ts using/new puggles. Thanks for consideration
  25. Server links and registering concern

    Keenan , thanks a lot of your kind words , we are alive :-) :-) . By the way we fight for Piken and other server like Kodash because to be closed and do not have even 48h of window that would allow to join your guild is a real nonsense.
  26. Server links and registering concern

    Let see what happen by next week or during summer . I will continue for what it is possible to push and speak up. In the mean time, as Jazz says carry on the fight and try to do our best and face the challenge.
  27. Server links and registering concern

    Well written. We will not convince every "greenie" to join tags, but we can at least try to convince more of them. I am one of the commanders falling to the line "not the best one" (still at the start of learning), but have some fine and helpful players with me most of the times i tagged, so we will ddeffinitely try to encourage more people to join tags. To Jazz and Duca: I am really sorry that it ends up like this with no link a no way to get your people to us. More so because you are amazing people and commanders and i really enjoy playing with you. I am still hoping that Anet will change their minds about the whole thing and find a solution. Our hearts are with you.
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